Pork – Belly Bacon

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Farm raised pastored pork from Allegheny County. Delicious! Our butcher packed these all quite unevenly – so we’ll have to sure up the difference at pickup.  Weights range from one to two and a half pounds!

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3 reviews for Pork – Belly Bacon

  1. Greg Boulos

    Best bacon in the burgh!

  2. TimeSpaceOne (Grace Astraea)

    This bacon is like no other bacon in the world….and I’ve traveled around the world eating bacon so this is not a stretch of my imagination. If there’s any such thing as feeling the energy of a life well lived in each crispy, juicy bite of BM’s pork products it’s no wonder I feel a bit like a wild and happy piggy when I’m done adding some of this belly to my belly. Keep up the EXCELLENT work!

  3. Janey (verified owner)

    Best bacon I’ve ever tried!

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