The Finest Pork and Organic Products
in Western Pennsylvania

Pastured Meat

Stock Up on Bacon and Sausage for the Holidays

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The Backyard Barbeque Family Farm

It doesn’t get any better than backyard barbecues! Stock up for your barbecue by ordering our farm products online for pick-up. Shop a great selection of bacon, brats, mix-and-match sausages, chops, baby back ribs, riblets, and more.  

Order our ground pork for the best-tasting HAMburger at home. Eat fresh, local, pasture-raised meats and organic vegetables from our farm that are perfect on the grill or in a smoker.

Enjoy a Discount on our Pasture Raised Pork

Stock up on sausage for summer grilling season! Order 5 Pork Link Packs to Mix-and-Match and get $10 off with coupon code 5for45 on your order at checkout.