Pastured Meat

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Join our Farm to Support Community Agriculture

Did you know that human nutrition comes from the soil? Microbiology interacts with plants to produce foods that are healthy and resilient against disease. This combination results in the formation of nearly all the vitamins and minerals we need to thrive.

In these strange times, many folks are realizing that our food system is NOT secure, and NOT healthy. Growing your own food (especially vegetables), by making the investment your soil’s health and connecting with a local farm are two great ways to bring stability to your life, improve your health and save money at the store.

At Blackberry Meadows, we BOTH grow food and empower the community to do the same. We are here to provide our neighbors with a higher octane fuel for their family.

Real Farm.

We are located within 30 mins of Pittsburgh and encourage our community to dig in the soil, roll in the compost and wade through manure with us. Dirty boots are a must.

Real Food.

Certified organic, borrowing heavily from permaculture, biodynamic, and sustainable best practices, we have a strong focus on NUTRITION. Unlike other farms, our goal isn’t quantity, it’s quality. We have a strong belief that our collective lack of nutrition is directly related to the fiber+water sold in stores. We’ve invested heavily in our soil to ensure better nutrition in every bite.