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Farmer Hands

As passionate supporters of community agriculture, we swing our doors wide for community members interested in learning how to grow food. From day-trippers to bus loads, we structure tours to be inclusive of anyone crazy enough to pick up a hoe and wonder what to do with it.  Buy a pass from the store or come out on a member day!

Opportunities here can be an eye opener for many who previously had taken their food for granted. We try to share a meal or at least a snack of the farms’ current offerings with everyone who stops by and explores. Once you are oriented with a tour, members can participate in the farm without much advance notice. 

It is, however, very hard for us to accept unannounced guests! While we try to be hospitable and welcoming, no matter which days are good for you, we farm full time.  Random visits may be awkward or intense, depending on our particular chores (like pig castration).  We also dont have a full time housekeeper… which means that this place is actively being trashed, manured and/or reorganized.  If you have sensitivities to raw unfiltered farming… please call ahead. 

As active barterers, we often discuss trading CSA/Garden memberships and products for professional services (such as web and graphic design, legal work, marketing, construction labor and mechanics, etc). For many people, their daily lives are so busy, they can’t physically be here on the farm, but their passion to be a part of the movement leads them to reach out to us and offer up a trade. We are always glad to entertain and negotiate a good trade!




Think you might be interested in joining our farm team for the growing season?

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Dinners & Events

Whether for weddings, family reunions, anniversaries, or just a grand day out, our farm is a quiet and picturesque mountaintop within 30 minutes of Pittsburgh. 

Enjoy beautiful views, idealic barn and pond, as well as access to all of the foods you’d like your guests to enjoy. 

Contact us for custom rates based on guests and your event needs. We have the amenities to make any event a remarkable and memorable experience.


Inside of farm house, wood panel ceilings and cozy couches.

Spend the Night on the Farm

Agrotourism on an organic farm! We have a comfortable room; with a cozy double bed and private bathroom. Enjoy a bit of farm life. Experience how food is produced with our diverse farm animals, community vegetable farm, and the chance to help the crew. Great fresh meals! Our 1950’s stone ranch house is set right in the middle our 85 acre organic farm. With comfortable, family friendly accommodations, our guests can settle in and feel right at home.