Farm Journal 12/18/22

Sausage of the Month Club!

Sausage Stuffer Shares are available for 5 months, running December through April. Get the best deal around on a monthly delivery* of 8 pounds of Sausage (4 pounds) and Bacon (4 pounds) with over 15 flavors and styles provided!

It’s not too late! Our online store is loaded up with great gifts for the Holidays. Look for our Bacon and Sausage Sampler, the Holiday Soap Sampler, and the Garlicy Goodness Bundle.

They are back! What about stocking your freezer with a Half Hog! We’re taking orders now!

Half hogs now available for $4.50/pound hanging weight, plus you’ll pay the custom butcher fee from Cunninghams Meats. Our half hogs usually weigh in at 100 – 130 pounds. Typically you’ll get about 90% of your cut weight back from the butcher if you receive the bones (5ish pounds), fat (15ish pounds) and organs, otherwise expect 70% of the hanging weight. We’ll contact you with a form to fill out for your desired cuts.

We have a rolling deposit for Ham Roasts – although you’ve missed the window for Christmas Hams, we can jump forward to thinking Easter, for this particular instance.


The Farm – For pre-orders only. Wednesdays (3 – 7).


Northside – NEW TIMES FOR Saturday 12/24 and 12/31 10 am – 10:15 am – meet up across the street from

East End – NEW TIMES FOR Saturday 12/24 and 12/31 – 11 AM – 11:15 AM. Fireman Creative Office (the Engine House No 16 on Penn Ave.): pull onto sidewalk along Lang and look for “Police Officer Entrance” and look in the red cooler.

Click HERE to Search our online store.

Did you know we’re famous? Before Thanksgiving, we hosted some folks from Don’s Appliances and give their team a farm tour! Join Corporate Chef Anthony Marino, from Don’s Appliances, as we show him around and he showcases using fresh farm ingredients, for a delicious Thanksgiving-style dinner. Check out the show here! (7 mins in, or so)

Happy Holidays!

We stayed busy this week with celebrating birthdays, making cookies, pruning trees, and caring for the animals. This season is definitely our time for reflection; looking back on what our successes and areas for improvement are; assessing our goals and quality of life; and observing how the farm and our lives have changed over the year.

One of the constants that we notice and appreciate is you all! Our loyal customers! Thanks for coming back each year – we truly appreciate your support, encouragement and interest in the farm. You put the “Community Supported” part into the CSA model. Thanks for buying from us, and for caring about your food and the whole ecosystem involved in getting it to you!

Happy Holidays

Jen, Greg, and the girls.

: ) Here’s a little present from Lilac et al, in the barnyard!

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