Farm Journal 12/11/22

Now that markets are over – you can pick up at:

The Farm – NEW TIMES!! For pre-orders only. Wednesday (3 – 7).


Northside – meet up at Mayfly Market (technically, across the street) – Saturday 12:00 – 12:15, if you’re running late – we can leave it in Mayfly for you to pick up that day. Just be aware that frozen items won’t be stored in a freezer for you. (Sometimes I run late and will let you know via text – so leave a cell number on your order form)

East End – Fireman Creative Office (the Engine House No 16 on Penn Ave.): pull onto sidewalk along Lang and look for “Police Officer Entrance” and look in the red cooler – Saturday 4pm – 4:30 pm.

Click HERE to Search our online store.

There’s still time to order for Holiday Gifts!

Our online store is loaded up with great gift for the Holidays. Look for our Bacon and Sausage Sampler, the Holiday Soap Sampler, and the Garlicy Goodness Bundle.

We have a rolling deposit for Ham Roasts – although you’ve missed the window for Christmas Hams, we can jump forward to thinking Easter, for this particular instance.

Evelyn and Olivia sold their wares at the Homewood Vendor fair we attended on Monday. Although the event was rather slow, the girls did an amazing job selling Evelyn’s watercolor holiday cards (click on the link -she has 2 more packs left!) and Olivia’s hand made nature tree ornaments (sold out!).

Speaking of Evelyn – We had a day and half break from the farm took the girls on a mini-trip to Splash Lagoon for Evelyn’s Birthday! Can you believe she’s turning 11 soon! Folks mention how lucky we are to raise our kids on a farm, and we couldn’t agree more. Evelyn has grown into a competent, respectful, empathetic and observant person (Olivia would want me to add that her sister can be “assertive” too….) We’re so proud of her!

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