Farm Journal 12/25/2

Ring in the New Year with our Pork and Sauerkraut SALE! There’s been years of a Pennsylvania Dutch tradition of eating Pork (good luck) and sauerkraut (prosperity). We have some beautiful bone in loin roasts and jars of Clarion River Sauerkraut. Get $2 off your order when you buy both of these items! Type in coupon code: NEWYEAR23

Join our Sausage of the Month Club!

Sausage Stuffer Shares are available for 5 months, running December through April. Get the best deal around on a monthly delivery* of 8 pounds of Sausage (4 pounds) and Bacon (4 pounds) with over 15 flavors and styles provided!

We’ve opened up for Half Hog Orders! If you’re in the need to stock a freezer – this is the most economical way to go! We’ll help you sort out how to get the most of your money and maximize the use of the “whole (half) of a hog! Half hogs now available for $4.50/pound hanging weight, plus you’ll pay the custom butcher fee from Cunninghams Meats. Our half hogs usually weigh in at 100 – 130 pounds. Typically you’ll get about 90% of your cut weight back from the butcher if you receive the bones (5ish pounds), fat (15ish pounds) and organs, otherwise expect 70% of the hanging weight. We’ll contact you with a form to fill out for your desired cuts.

CSA and Garden Share Sign ups to start in the NEW YEAR

In the midst of arctic temperatures, are you thinking about fresh vegetables? We are! The seed catalogs arrive on a daily basis – tempting us with future bounty….. We’ll open up the CSA sign ups for 2023 on January 1st! There will be early bird discounts and then we’ll bump up the price a tad. Don’t forget that we do take SNAP benefits for CSA memberships, and for veggies, meats, canned goods, and seedlings.

Garden Share sign up begins on January 1st as well. We encourage more and more folks to dabble in a bit of backyard (or front porch) gardening. Grow some cherry tomatoes, try your hand at string beans and peas! The garden share helps you along on a monthly basis to plant a CSA’s worth of veggies all on your own!

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Northside – NEW TIMES FOR Saturday 12/31 10 am – 10:15 am – meet up across the street from

East End – NEW TIMES FOR Saturday 12/31 – 11 AM – 11:15 AM. Fireman Creative Office (the Engine House No 16 on Penn Ave.): pull onto sidewalk along Lang and look for “Police Officer Entrance” and look in the red cooler.

From the Farm – by Jen

We hope you all had a nice Holiday! We’re enjoying our downtime and have been spending it making cookies, knitting hats, and now, after Christmas, helping to build numerous elaborate Lego sets.

But… it’s cold outside! There’s nothing like getting out of a warm bed to check on the pigs in -14 degree winds! After layering up with leggings, long Johns, double socks, 2 wool shirts, my carhart jacket, a hat, and a scarf up to my eyebrows…. I head out in the the arctic!

What do I find out there? Frozen sausages? Nope…. the pigs are snuuuuug. It’s amazing what a good layer of fat will do for you! The pigs just pile up into a cozy heap, out of the wind, in a pile of straw, and settle down for the storm. They occasionally will lose their warm spot to go snuffle around for food, take a drink of almost frozen water, and have a pee. Then the pig pile equilibrium is upset upon reentry, as everyone wants the warm spot at the bottom of the pig heap .

Here’s a pro-tip: use Nitrile gloves (the kind we use for food prep) as a bottom layer under work gloves and they’ll do MAGIC! They keep your fingers warm and dry, while the outer gloves take the beating of getting wet and sticking to frozen metal…. fun times!

Also – the eggs are freezing…. so there’s a limited supply this week!

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