Farm Journal 7/11/21

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You can now find us at:

*Sundays – Squirrel Hill Farmers Market – 9am – 1 pm

Wednesdays – Here at The Farm – 11 – 7

Fridays – Northside Farmers Market – 3 – 7 pm

Saturdays – Mt. Lebanon, Uptown – 9 – 12

This Week’s Menu

What I plan for at 11 pm on Sunday doesn’t always pan out to what we harvest later in the week. Items may vary at the whim of Mother Nature:

This week – look for Kale, lettuce, squash, herbs, scallions, garlic scapes, beets, and probably the last of the spring peas. Fresh garlic is ready too!

Last Call for Farm Camp! July 19 to 23, July 26-30.

Our friend and fellow farmer, Charissa, is opening the doors here for Farm Camp in July. Kids get a week full of fresh air, adventure and farm fun! For more info, click here.

A girl holds a chicken in front of the camera

A Good Problem

All the time and hard work we’ve put into The Farmer’s Grill at the farmer’s markets is starting to pay off. Greg and I are sitting up tonight, trying to figure out how we can add more markets. Because of the advocacy of our lovely and loyal customers at market, and our good friends from Keswick Creamery (who do goat cheese and attend almost every market in western pa) and Shelly from Old Time Farm, we now have the opportunity to get into Ligonier Country Market and Bloomfield Market; both of which are on Saturdays…. and we’re killin’ it at the Mt Lebanon Uptown market on Satuday already. What do we do?

Do you know about our Farmer’s Grill? We make a Nortorious P.I.G cheeseburger with our own 1/4 lb pork patty, cheese from Pasturemaid Creamery, fresh buns from Breadworks (in the Northside) and as many local topping options as we can possibly carry. Organic sauerkraut from Clarion River Organics, Miller’s Hot Banana Pepper Mustard (from Mars), Brenckle’s Organic Chow Chow, and – of course – Heinz Ketchup (organic!). We have all beef hotdogs from Heritage Hills Farm (the same folks that we got the ground beef from earlier this spring). We make a couple of side dishes – Vegan Polenta (from Weatherbury Organic farm in Washington Co.) topped with Dark Maple Syrup from Hurry Hill Farm (Edinboro) and a seasonal veggie sides from our fields.

The last couple weeks, I’ve made a Beet and Kale Slaw from the Red Russian Kale (which gets perforated by flea beetles and doesn’t look so good fresh, but chopped up in a slaw, you’d never know!), and all the tiny beets that are too small to give out to CSA. We also use apple cider vinegar from After the Fall Cider (organic apple trees in Zelienople) as part of the dressing in the slaw.

We aim for The Farmer’s Grill to serve delicious food with top quality, hyper local and organic (as possible) ingredients. Most importantly, we want it to be affordable.

Because we grow the food and cook it, we’ve cut out the middle man and the infrastructure (and expense) that goes along with having a brick and mortar restaurant. Every Thursday, Greg and I prep food for the Friday to Monday Market Mania that ensues. My trays of Kale and Beet slaw get bigger and bigger each week, and more and more burgers and hot dogs fly off the grill.

When the opportunity to attend more markets arises… and we have the staff to handle it… why not go all out? We’ll let you know what we decide to do after our next staff meeting!

Breads and Such

We’re stuck with quite a bit of bread and cookies at the end of CSA day on Wednesday (I keep tweaking the order). Any overstock gets put into the freezer right away. If you’d like to buy discounted bread (or cookies) on Wednesdays – just ask, we’re happy to tell you what we have stashed away!

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