Farm Journal 5/7/23

Mother’s Day is just round the corner – shop local and give her a gift card to our farm! She’ll be able to purchase organic veggies, meats, seedlings, jams, jellies, fresh bread and more farm treats!


Where to find us:

The Farm: Wednesday 3 – 7 pm. For pre-orders only. Park at the top of the hill (by the wood chip pile), come to the patio at the house and you’ll see your order waiting for you. Check the white cooler for any meat orders.


Northside: HOME DELIVERY* into Northside only – until markets starts on May 26th. *I’ll coordinate date/time

Squirrel Hill Market: Sundays 9 – 1 in the parking lot of Beacon/Bartlett (no minimum order for this delivery)

Purchase new Items in the Shop!

We’ve got lettuce again!! You can also find fresh spinach, rhubarb, and dill or cilantro seedlings. We’ll have tomatoes, eggplant, pepper, tomatillo, and flower seedlings up in the shop in a couple more weeks, after the danger of frost has passed.

The farm is on a roll now! We’ve got a good crop of carrots, beets, spinach, and peas out in the field – and it’s looking good! I’m not one to challenge Mother Nature and will wait until after May 18 before we plant the more tender crops. Tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, tomatillos, basil will all be damaged by a cold night and would be killed by a hard frost.

In the spring, we get hit pretty hard be a small insect, called a Flea Beatle. They eat tiny holes into the leaves of brassicas (arugula, radishes, turnips, bokchoy, etc. ). We’ll cover the crops with a floating row cover, but the insects seem to find their way in, regardless of how hard we try. I’ve sworn off trying to grow arugula in the spring. After mid-August the flea beetles have run their cycle and moved on. That’s when our fall brassicas shine! We have some of the best arugula in the Fall!

Lil’ Homesteaders

We had our first Saturday get together of the Little Homesteaders program. The kids were thrilled to be out and about on the farm! They got to help with morning chores: letting the hens out of the coop, collecting eggs, and then throwing cinnamon bread to the pigs! They also took a trip to the fields and harvested wildflowers, and dabbled in the veggies fields, contemplating the best way to tackle thistle!!

We host Lil’ Homesteaders each Saturday from 9:30 – 1:30 (May and June) This is a great way to get your kids onto the farm, in a supervised environment. They get a chance to be a little closer to their food source, get dirty, run and play, and “help out the farmers”. It’s so cute to see how excited they are to be a part of our farm!

It’s not too late to sign your kids up now! Pick and choose your Saturdays!

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