Farm Journal 3/3/24

Got plans this weekend? We’ll be at the Farm to Table show at the Convention Center during the Home and Garden Show. Just follow the smell of bacon – we will be sampling our bacons and sausages there!

Because of this – there won’t be any Saturday deliveries!

This warm weather sure is nice! We’ve been outside cleaning up Evelyn’s garden and planning to plant peas and spinach. She’s prepared to take on the rabbits who like to much down each crop she plants. Who will prevail this year?! With the help of her trusty companion…. Charlie, the Corgi, maybe Evelyn will harvest some English peas for once!

I like to aim to have the veggies fields planted with peas (I prefer to grow snap and snow peas) by March 17th. We’ll also seed some spinach at the same time.

The high tunnel spinach is coming up nicely, albeit, thickly…. We’ll have to transplant it out and spread the crop further around the high tunnel this week or so.

With this sunny warm weather, we’re doing our best to keep it watered. We have a nice misting system for watering the high tunnel. It works, so long as it’s not freezing outside. The hose travels from the Greenhouse, outdoors and over to the high tunnel – often times, it’s frozen solid while the high tunnel is toasty warm at 90 degrees! In another couple of weeks, we should have some beautiful spinach! (you can see the green sheen on the right, which is all the spinach babies!). Last year, we used cardboard and saw dust for mulching the paths – which you can see in the picture too.

Speaking of babies, HotRod is doing great with her piglets. She orginallly farrowed with 17 piglets, but is down to 13 now. Which isn’t too bad for a 500lb sow. Those little rascals tend to get under her feet, or her rump when she’s laying down. It’s sad, but at this point, those who have made it this far, are pretty set to survive. At the top of the page is a picture of a few of them sunning themselves by the barn door. What a beautiful day!

We have another sow, called Bashfull, who isn’t the friendliest of pigs. We’ve finally figured out why. We think she’s deaf! She startles easily every time we get near her to feed or pet her – she can’t hear us coming and her ears are so floppy, she can’t see us coming either.

She farrowed with only a couple of piglets and none of them made it, and we think it’s because she couldn’t hear them squealing when she’d accidentally step on them.

Our third pig to farrow, Pearl, had 7 piglets, and they are all doing great! Olivia and Greg had to go out at 10 pm and make her a make-shift tent, as she farrowed in the wide open, and it was cold and starting to rain! They tied a tarp to a round bale of hay and stretched it over to the fence, gave her a bunch of straw, and that’s where’s she’s keeping camp.

It’s time to secure your Easter Ham! We have a limited supply – about 10 hams, a mix of center cut or end roasts.

Buy your Easter Ham here.

CSA sign up has started!

It’s time to start signing up for the 2024 CSA. I’ve opened up the Shares for FARM PICK UP (half and whole), SQUIRREL HILL (half and whole), and NORTHSIDE (half and whole). 

Get fresh organic produce right off our farm. We harvest fresh for Wednesday, Friday and Sunday distributions.

Important: Ordering Information

Farm pick
 up to Wednesdays 3 – 7pm. We’ll have your order packed and set outside on the marble counter. Park across from the house, at the top of the land. Cross the lawn and look for the bag with your name. Frozen items will be in a white cooler. 


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