Farm Journal 3/27/22

$30 order minimum for delivery into Pittsburgh

Where to find us?!

The Farm – WEDNESDAY (11 – 7). We’ll set your order out, you come pick it up. (If our driveway is treacherous, we’ll set up cooler down by the purple garage).

Northside – Wednesday 12:30 – 1:00 at the parking lot on Union Place by Allegheny Commons. Ask about delivery options.

There’s a couple dozen white eggs up on our web-store, for those looking for dye eggs. No limit on Eggs!… seriously guys… we’ve got a lot of eggs! In fact, we could still use more egg cartons! Thanks to those of you who keep dropping them off for us!

Place your online order here. Give us a 24 hours heads up please. New! White eggs, a few heads of green lettuce, scallions and seedlings. Coming up in the next couple weeks: kale, green garlic, and sorrel too!

Are you ready to start your garden? We have a garden share program, which is fantastic for those of you looking to keep your garden going throughout the whole year. We’ll supply you with seeds and seedlings for April through September for a 100 sq ft garden.

If you’re not ready to commit to a garden share program, you can start ordering seedlings now – a la carte, as they become ready.

Or – go ahead and use our new seedling ordering form. Place your order now (or soon), for pick up on May 7th (Mother’s Day weekend). All of these varieties of fruits and veggies are the same ones we grow for the farm – they are tried and true for our farm! Click on this link to get to the order form.

Where’s the Beef!

If you ordered the beef package (30 lbs of ground) then be prepared to pick it up this Wednesday the 30th! We’re picking all the meat up from the butcher that morning and will have it ready for you when you pick up at the farm or in the North Side.

Field Notes – by Annie

We seeded a few rows of peas and radishes in the field on Tuesday. With cold this weekend, we think they will mature at the same rate as peas planted next week after the cold snap. Lindsay led the Little Homesteaders on a field tour, and they helped Annie plant some Sugar Snap Peas.

They also learned how to use the Wheel Hoe. This tool is great for making furrows for direct seeding, letting your legs do more work than your arms. Seeing the photo of kids learning to use it though, reminded me (Annie) that tilling would have made the whole task a lot easier.

It’s interesting starting the season to see how many tasks you get used to in the summer are easily forgotten over the winter break. It reminds me of the purpose and power of Standard Operating Procedures – a maybe-not-so-exciting side of farming that has a great impact on the farmer & farmworkers’ experience in the field. When less time is spent remembering how to do something, more time can be spent actually doing it!

Pork Sampler:

To clear freezers before the beef comes in we’re having a sale! You get $120 of pork + an insulated bag for $100! Includes riblets $18, ham slice $8, bacon x2 kinds $22, sausage x3 $30, shoulder steak $8, pork chops x2 $20, 2# ground (or) hamloaf. Buy it here!

We’re looking for a bump in our Google Reviews! Would you be willing to throw in a good word? If you don’t mind, we will even copy your review and post it on our website. Here’s the “easy button” Write a google review here! (Thanks to those of you who have done so already! Not only does it create warm fuzzies for us – it’s also helpful for those that are delving into the world of CSAs!

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