Farm Journal 10/10/22

Oct 12th is  the start of Week 19 (of 20) of our CSA.  If you missed this last week’s CSA pick up at the markets, please don’t use the following week as a make-up week without getting an OK from us first. We don’t want to run short on shares at market. If you’re an “Odd Week Half Share”, then this is your last pick up for the year. Stay tuned to the newsletter for info on how to keep getting our tasty fresh produce, frozen pork and chicken, and other farm goodies throughout the “off” season.

Click Here To Shop Our Web-Store – there’s frozen chicken, chicken livers/necks/feet, lettuce, and still more hot peppers!

Turkey Time! (only 8 left)

Now’s the time to start reserving your Thanksgiving Turkey. We just put up 20 turkey deposits on the website. We ask that you ONLY reserve a turkey via the website – as we can’t make any verbal promises and remember that we did so. There’s a $20 non refundable deposit, which will be taken off your final total, once we know the weight of the turkey you’re buying. Pick up/delivery will be on the weekend before Thanksgiving.

Click HERE to order your turkey now.

The Farmers Grill and the Pig Out at the Big Pour

We had the honor and fun of being a Sponsor at Construction Junctions‘ annual Big Pour fundraiser. We’ve been friends and fans of Construction Junction (CJs) and have always been on the receiving end of their generosity and encouragement. Back in our beginning days of farming, we and other farming friends, would set up shop and run a Christmas Tree lot from CJs parking lot. Remember the Four Frozen Farmers? Well, CJs was there for us, helping to promote tree sales, and supply us with all the reused construction material we may need to make a tree lot friendly and inviting. They also encouraged us to set up our Farmer’s Grill in their parking lot, to promote and sell our farm fresh burgers and dogs. We’ve had a long friendship with them!

We’ve finally gotten to the point that we can proudly contribute back to their cause – and we did so with gusto! We brought along the American Gothic “selfie booth” and a crate full of piglets to cuddle! Terry, Mike, Missy and the CJ crew did a fantastic job supplying a rocking good time for all of us!  Good beer, good grub, and great to reconnect with so many old friends!

Field Notes – by Jen

It’s winding down in the fields. We’ve had our first hard frost on Friday night, which only makes the kohlrabi sweeter! The deer have been voracious this fall and are, quite literally, beating down the fences to eat our crops. What was a beautiful kale patch is now chomped and may be difficult to glean a whole harvest from for CSA. They’ve munched the lettuce too. They are eating the leaves off the tops of the kohlrabi, but so far, are leaving the bulbs for us.

I’ve loaded up the manure spreader and have prepped the field for the fall garlic planting. It’s looking good! Last year we mulched with wood chips, which worked well. We’ll give that a try again this year!

So far, our owly, visitor hasn’t returned and the turkeys are doing well. We have one more batch of chickens in the field, which will be processed after CSA is over. If you’re looking for fresh chickens by the end of October/early November – pay attention to the newsletter for future opportunity to get our farm fresh chickens. Make a note on your online order that you’d like the chickens “fresh” and we’ll keep them out “freezer camp” for you.

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