Farm Journal 10/17/22

Oct 19th is  the start of Week 20 (of 20) of our CSA.  Last week of the CSA.

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The season is winding down and we’re due for a hard frost tonight! We got a jump on the harvest today – while the skies were gray and the wind billowed. Tomorrow, there might be too much frost to harvest until the sun thaws the crops – our fingers will be numb – that’s for sure!

This year has been full of ups and downs, hardships and stress with labor, surprises with equipment failures and weather extremes, but we powered through! What really keeps us going, each week, is visiting with our loyal and supportive CSA members (and regular customers!). You all are the magic that keeps us going. It’s the glue of the community that bonds us to this crazy life. We love to listen to your happy discoveries of cooking kohlrabi, or tasting the sweetest cherry tomato ever, or learning about husk cherries and what to do with them. We get filled up watching your kids visit the bunnies, climb the treehouse, feed the pigs and get a little dirty. It’s the folks who linger at our market stand and strike up conversations about culling urban deer, or how they’ve learned to ferment hot peppers, or how the Nortrious P.I.G. is the best burger they’ve ever eaten…. that makes slogging that grill set up to the markets 4 days a week worth the work.

At the end of the season (for almost 15 years, I think) we sit back and say… “Man, we’re exhausted. Why do we keep doing this?” Really… it all filters back to you guys. We do this because there’s a community that swirls around the farm. Some folks stop and dip their toes in, some put a whole foot in, and others put two feet in. No matter your level of involvement, we appreciate all levels of interest and commitment that you make towards the farm. When you become one of the long-term members, you’ll see how this place evolves and grows throughout the years. We’ve come a long way and you’ll never be able to guess what we’re up to next!

Stay tuned, throughout the “off season” to learn how you can stay in touch, keep getting our products, and be a part of the farm. We’ll keep posting weekly newsletters with farm updates and goings-ons. We’ll invite you out for sled riding, winter bonfires, and pig births if you’d like!!

Thanks again for being a part of the farm! We couldn’t do it without you!

Jen, Greg, and the girls.

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