Frequently Asked Questions: CSAs

 Farm Pick up is here at the farm on Wednesdays 11 – 7. We set up “Market Style” which allows you to choose the items we harvest and set out for you. Bring your own bags. You can also opt for the “City Pick up” which currently is only at our stand at the Northside Farmer’s Market on Fridays 3 – 7 pm. City Shares are prepacked, but be sure to bring your own bag to carry your produce home. Please refrain from flip-flopping between pick up sites.

Be sure to sign up for the newsletter! That’s our primary way of communicating and how you’ll find out when the first day of CSA pickup begins. Be sure to bring your own bags.
If you pick up at the farm, come to the top of our lane, and look for the “park here” sign. Then, head towards the farm house and red awning and check in. We’ll give you the run down of the CSA pick up, the lay out of the farm (go explore!), and any other farm or food tips you need.
If you pick up in the city, find our stand at the Northside Farmers market on Fridays. We’ll be there from 3 to 7 with the CSA delivery, a few veggies for sale, lots of frozen meat and our grill, cranking out our Notorious P.I.G. burgers and links. Save room for dinner!

Yes, you can choose between a “Basic Share” which you would pick up weekly (20 weeks), or a “Half Share” which you would pick up every-other week (10 weeks).

 We average a paper grocery bag’s (about 10-15 lbs) worth of produce each week. That said, the Spring comes with lots of light weight leafy greens, while summer and fall you can expect heavier items, like winter squash, tomatoes, and root crops. We give out about 8 – 12 different items in a share, and it’s usually enough quantity of each item for a couple of meals that week.

Pick up usually starts in early June (sign up for the newsletter to be notified with the exact dates) and goes to the end of October lasting 20 weeks (or sometimes more!).

The CSA pick up at the farm is set up like a small farm market. Along with your CSA, you’ll have the opportunity to buy eggs, pork, chicken, beef, preserved items (jams, pickles, salsa, etc), fresh bread and pastries from Mediterra Bakery, local honey, maple syrup and more! All these items can also be ordered and brought to you at the Farmers Market CSA pickup. Just order them through our website.

Market Cards start at $100. To stick with the Community Supported model, we’ll give you a 10% bonus for investing early (January 1 through March 31) and a 5% bonus if you buy a Market Card between April 1 and May 31. You can use your market card on any items or services we sell!

BUT – they do expire at the end of the year!

Cash or Check is preferred, but you can also order through our website. We have a payment plan program too – pay 1/2 now and the balance by Aug 1. If you, or someone you know is having financial difficulty – we often have shares set aside at discount rates to help our community eat good food!

We have been Certified Organic since 1992.

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