3/28/21 Farm Journal

New in the Store front: Eggs (10 dz) and Sorrel, Scallions & Chard. Plenty of pork still available.

You can place your order here for pick up at:

The Farm this Wednesday 11 – 7

The Northside (801 Union Pl, Pittsburgh, PA 15212) this Wednesday at 3:30/3:45

Where’s the Beef?

We found a box of Mild Beef Sticks with Cheese (kinda like slim jims) – one sale for $10/lb

Also, to reiterate: We’re ordering two grass-fed and finished beef cows from Rolling Hills Heritage Farm. We plan to get a variety of cuts back, but will also have a bunch of hotdogs made for sale to you all, and for value-added sandwiches at the farmers market. Two cows will be A LOT of meat and we are offering a bulk purchasing option, like we had in the COVID times of 2020. For $200 ($8/lb) you get 25 lbs of lean ground beef in roughly 1 lb packages. We have 23 packages available so order here to get the beef! Individual cuts will be available for sale once we get them back from the butcher. You will need to be ready to receive your 25 lb package on the day that it comes back from the butcher. We won’t have enough freezer space to store all that meat. We’ll keep you up-to-date as to the expected pick up date and time.


Greg occasionally gets accused of spending more time building play structures than farming…. Not intentionally. Evelyn and her friend are stick racing in the freshly dug spring.

The workers are coming out of the wood-work! We’re spreading compost and planting seeds! We grow about 2 acres of organic veggies in our home field. The Home Field is broken into 5 fields – #0* through #4. *We added Field 0 after we had already built 1 through 3 and it’s a hassle to change the paperwork and my mental clarity to rename all the fields just to omit field zero…. It really does exist. Each field is then broken down into 6 sections. Each section is broken into 8 beds, which are 32″x50′ each. The fields are on rotation by crop type. So, we have brassicas, nightshades, legumes, cucurbits, and herbs/flowers/cover crops. Each year, every bed should get 2″ of compost, along with our custom mix of minerals and fertilizers to help with the nutrient density and health of our soil and crops. We participate in PASA’s Soil Health Benchmark Study. Currently, the Home Field is reflected in the study as “Field 3”. That field came out at 81, which qualified as “excellent”!! Obviously, there’s more work to do and an ideal to attain. Standards are set high by folks like Gabe Brown, Bill Mollison, Massanobu Fukuoka, Allan Savory, and (my favorite) Mark Shepherd. These guys all have a common thread in land management philosophy. Mimicking nature is the most efficient, beneficial and least intrusive system of agriculture, and it may be one of the key answers to our civilization’s current problems. Have fun going down that rabbit hole!

One section with compost spread on each bed
One scoop with the back hoe and the wheel barrow is full!


The power went out during the wind storm. Our solar panels supplied our critical load, and kept the battery at full power. Solar powered farming. Thanks to the sun!

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