Pork Gazette: St. Louis Ribs

My name is Billy and I’m a Porkaholic. Unless I’m mistaken it’s a great day for bacon. Let’s see what’s shakin’ down in the mudhole.

Meet me in St. Louis, Louis and let’s re-discover the joys of one of the best kept secrets in the BBQ kingdom. This year, Blackberry Meadows is bringing back the classic St. Louis Rib.

The term  isn’t based on the sauce or rub, it’s all about the cut. Midwestern butchers in the 1920s cut down full racks of ribs, trimming off the fat and knuckle bones, creating a squared-off slab that is meatier and easier to cook. Prized for its compact shape and tender meat, The St. Louis cut became an immediate hit. It’s still a go-to for summer grilling and football tailgatin’.

Greg and Jen have revived this timeless, classic cut and now you can get hold of these little darlins with just one click.

They also have a few other other great choices when it comes to ribs:

Pork Loin Baby Back ribs – I eat ‘em double fisted. These babies include 1/2″ of loin meat, making them ideal for a hearty delicious dinner. One rack per pack.  Approximately 1 lb.

Riblets  – Cut into 3 inch strips, these guys are perfect for slow cooking in a crockpot or smoker. Rub ‘em up and wolf ‘em down.  (Remember: remove the silver skin before rubbing with your favorite spice mix.)

In the oven or on the grill, dressed down with your choice of sauce or rub, the St.Louis is a rib-tickling treat that is easy to make and easier to eat. Falls off the bone and melts in your mouth.

Here are a few tips on preparing your St. Louis ribs for grilling:

  1. Toast your spices. To get the richest flavor, put your seed spices (fennel, coriander, cumin etc…) into a pan and dry sauté them. The oils will come out and you will smell the fragrance. 
  2. Mix your roasted spices together and pulverize ‘em in a spice grinder..
  3. Rub it like you mean it. Apply the rub generously leaving no meat uncovered.

Now, let’s get cooking, but first,

Q: What did the frog say to the chef?

A:  Rib it, rib it. Click here for two sensational ways to make the St. Louis ribs. Recipe from Keviniscooking.com

Well, I hope you’re taking advantage of the great Fall weather we’re having. There’s nothing prettier than Fall in Pennsylvania with a barbecue rib and cold beer. Next time, I’ve got a one-of-a-kind specialty pork treat for you, that you’re not gonna find in Americas, North or South. Here’s a hint – It’s the bomb!  Stay tuned.

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