Pork Gazette: Sausage

Welcome to the Pork Gazette. My name is Billy and I am a Porkaholic. Unless I’m mistaken, it’s a great day for bacon.

Today. I’m getting stoked for another bash!  The grill is crankin’, the beer is cold, and  my friends and family are coming over for the best spread in town. My secret weapon is Blackberry Meadows sausage – the best on both sides of the Allegheny. Here’s a few of my favorites:

BBM Cheddarwurst oozes with flavor and cheesy goodness. Perfection straight off the grill and  on to the bun with Blackberry Meadows Maple Mustard.

What would a cookout in the Burgh be without BBM Kielbasa?  Perfectly smoked and cured, Yinz enjoy these links with this old school Pittsburgh recipe.  

BBM Bratwurst are an old world classic. For the perfect bite, layer with Blackberry Meadows Bread and Butter Pickles.

Lookin’ for a sweet and spicy kick? Try BBM BBQ Honey Brats dropped straight into a baked potato from the grill. What? Yes! A meat and potatoes collision that will satisfy the hangry beast inside you. 

BBM Sweet and Hot Italian links are perfect on a fresh on a Mediterra Pretzel Bun, with a splash of zesty tomato sauce, and loads of melted provolone. Gotti have it!

Why is Blackberry Meadows sausage so tasty? Happy pigs and secret family recipes. Remember, you can always find these products and more at Blackberry Meadows Farm Stand- my favorite place to hang out.

Stay tuned for future issues of the Pork Gazette where I will be bringing you the tastiest, most righteous, good-for-you pork products from Greg, Jen, and the Blackberry Meadows farm family. The best place on earth for all things pork-a-licious.

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