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Lettuce Introduce Ourselves

 Blackberry Meadows Farm is a Certified Organic fruit and vegetable CSA farm which also produces pork, beef, and poultry.  We serve our neighbors in the Alle-Kiski Valley with fresh meat and vegetables from our farm store and we serve the Pittsburgh Region with Garden Shares and food system support.


We are a uniquely 'open-door' farm, which provides our membership community with access to both nutrient dense, fresh, organic, local produce, AND the opportunity to join us in the fields and learn how to produce your own.  Our customers receive the highest quality, most nutrient dense fuel for their families.

Jen Montgomery and Greg Boulos purchased the farm in 2008, inheriting the organic status along with one of the first well established regional CSAs, dating back in the late 1980's.  

Over the years, we've added to the operation, including pasture-raised meats, eggs and dairy, hosting farm events, tours, community potlucks and weddings, sharing our knowledge with aspiring farmers, providing customers with seeds and seedlings to grow their own CSA, and developing a community kitchen to increase value added production for our customers.  

Please search our catalog for information on how to support and participate in our diverse and exciting farm!


Jen Montgomery

With 19 years of organic farming experience behind her, Jen and Greg decided to take on the challenge of Blackberry Meadows Farm in 2007. She’s worked on farms in West Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and as far away as Scotland and New Zealand. After all of her worldly farm travels, she took time out to earn her Masters in Sustainable Systems from Slippery Rock University, where she studied the science and theory behind the various styles of Sustainable Agriculture. It’s important to keep farm work flowing. Along with being a Mom she helps to make this farm enjoyable and productive.   


Greg Boulos

Greg is the on-farm handyman and can fix just about anything. With a Masters in Sustainable Systems from Slippery Rock University he’s put to use his vast knowledge base of alternative energy, green building and ecological design to catalyze green projects around the Pittsburgh region. He’s got the ‘black thumb’ from fixing equipment and moving rocks. Besides heavy lifting, he works to develop the ‘systems’ which provide fertility and efficiency to the farm operation. He’s also our business manager, wrote our stellar business plan, and keeps coming up with new ideas!  He spends his "time off" being a Dad and rough housing!



Evelyn is the "watcher" on the farm, she observes chores and tasks, then tells the farmers if they are doing things right or wrong. Currently, she’s helping us to train the apprentices - showing them the proper way to plant onions and pull weeds.  She's also a taste tester for our delicious heirloom tomatoes.  



Olivia is the "explorer" on the farm, at 2 years old, she is experiencing everything for the first time! Her enthusiasm and sense of wonder is contagious!  Far from being the boss, she is anxiously repeating every word she hears and touching (and tasting) everything she can get her hands on.


If you have any questions or would like to arrange a tour, contact us by calling 724-226-3939 or emailing us at


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