Meet August, the Newest Member of the Farm Family.

Evelyn and Olivia with their dogs in the snow.

We have a new member of the family!  Meet August! We got him early last week.  Like Alice, he’s an English Shepherd.  English Shepherds, or Farm Collies, are an old breed of dog and have been helping on farms before there were even Border Collies.  They are a general purpose breed, good at livestock management, property protection, hunting, and companionship. 

Many of you may remember Maggie (an Australian Shepherd), our first dog.  Although beautiful and intelligent, she was more of a show dog and definitely loyal to one person (me).  She took her role as “alerter” seriously and would bark at every person that approached me – even Greg!  No one could sneak up on me! 

Alice, on the other had, greets everyone at the driveway, often with a ball in her mouth ready for a throw.  She’s friendly, but once satisfied with fetching a ball, she’s back to doing her job of patrolling the barnyard and fields. 

We were so impressed with Alice’s demeanor and work ethic, that we just had to get a second dog.  Winter is a great time to get a puppy, as we’ve got more energy to get up 3 times a night to house train him, and can enjoy watching Alice and August romp around the farm.  There’s lots of mouthing, wrestling and chasing, and it’s rewarding to see Alice teach August the ropes.  She lays down the law for him, but is also very gentle. 

Hopefully you’ll make it out to the farm soon for a visit, while August is still a bouncy little pup.  He should grow into his paws and be around 50 lbs at maturity, so quite a bit bigger than Alice!

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Chickens are starting to lay! We have a few dozen EGGS!

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