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The Farm this Wednesday 11 – 7

The Northside (801 Union Pl, Pittsburgh, PA 15212) this Wednesday at 3:30/3:45 (I’m coming from Friendship, so be please be patient).

There’s a couple hams still available (pick up this week) and some eggs too.

IF YOU ALREADY ORDERED A HAM – please let me know when and where you plan to pick up your order.

Farm Update – by Jen

Welp, winter’s over. Despite the 19 degree night tonight, it’s officially over at Blackberry Meadows. Two nights ago, as I let the dogs out for their nightly pee and wayward “Critter Clearing”, I heard the Spring Peepers singing down in the pond. It’s music that foretells the next 10 months of intense and usually rewarding work. We’ve already flipped the plastic on the first high tunnel, seeded arugula and radishes, prepped beds for peas and spinach, and bought 3 new shovels. Greg and I both agree that we don’t have our “farm muscles” built up yet, and know that once the race really gets going, we’re pretty good at keeping our stride through to the end.

We’re still working on fixing up the high tunnels, but now have 24 yards of compost from AgRecycle to spread on the veggie fields and beds to weed just to start the planting season off right!

For the Glory – by Greg

Spring is in the air and a new muddy project is about to begin. Inconveniently located around our spring.

We dug about 6″ of soil away from the spring which feeds our pond and found it to be less than round. The spring capture design uses a barrel-within-a-barrel to gravity filter the spring water (think sediment) and direct the clean water through a 750′ pipe into our pond.

Water and gravity caused the hill to slump and crush the barrel system. The less than round feature to this failure is a bit problematic, especially when the inner barrel also gets squeezed, and even more especially when the pipe to the pond gets closed up in the process.

We’ll get the backhoe out and learn how to install a new spring head. This will help immensely with our pond level and secure a good crop of veggies for the 2021 growing season. It’s no small job and we are gonna get really muddy.

Evelyn’s Farm Musings:

Spring has started and the frogs have laid eggs in this early time. I found these in the pig pen in a big puddle. I ran all the way back to the house and got mom’s phone (to take pictures) and a big glass jar. I ran back to the pig pen and took this photo and collected the frog eggs, because it’s going down to 19 degrees tonight and the pigs might destroy the frog eggs too.
Most of you know August. He has been good and growing fast. He used to be about 10 lbs and now he’s around 20 lbs. He’s very curious and likes to play tag. He also jumps and bites ankles. He’s at that phase. He sleeps in my room on a red velvet bed. He also likes going to the barn and chasing chickens and barking at the pigs, just like Alice.
Socks is a super cute cat. She’s our first cat. In this picture, she’s behind the greenhouse hidden in the brush eating cat food that I set out. The joke says “purrrrfict” because cats say “purrrr” and I thought it was a “purrfect” picture!

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