Farm Journal 8/21/22

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Vacation – a day and a half off the farm!

Last weekend we took our summer vacation and escaped from the farm! We went to the beach! Well, Lake Erie, but still…water, sand/stones, sunsets, campfires and relaxation. It was great!

Returning to the farm after vacation is kinda like a slap in the face. The turkeys arrived in the mail our first day back, we had an inspection from the Allegheny County Conservation District (all’s well!), we had a big push to plant the fall crops (oh and btw, the irrigation needs to be fixed), and the sows are popping out piglets everywhere!

Baby turkeys are lot of fun! So curious and friendly, where as chickens are skittish and bounce around like fluffy ping pong balls. Unfortunately, turkeys are usually in self destruct mode, and it takes a lot of care to get them through the first couple of weeks. So far so good. In a couple of weeks, I’ll post up how you can reserve your turkey for Thanksgiving. We will only take reservations via the website, so I don’t lose track of verbal commitments!

We brought out the big equipment and transplanted the bokchoy, kohlrabi, cabbage and kale with the mechanical transplanter. You can go to our instagram account and see a quick video of the process. We can really plant a lot at once, but the conditions all have to be perfect!

Evelyn helps with the chicken/broiler chores and came hustling back to the house to let me now that there was a hawk in the chicken tractor! We got it out and reinforced the fencing around the tractor. Boy were those chickens terrified! We had one casualty, which Alice promptly took care of for us.
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