Farm Journal 8/20/23

This Wednesday is the 12th week of our CSA (an even week).

Farm pick up on Wednesday 11 – 7, Northside (allegheny commons) on Friday 3 – 7, and Squirrel Hill (beacon/bartlette) on Sunday 9 – 1.

Don’t forget that you can place an order and we’ll bring it to the markets for you!

I don’t know if you’ve had a chance to visit the barnyard – HotRod had her litter of piglets a couple weeks ago – and they’ve now graduated into that “rambunctious” age. They love to explore and are very curious about what we’re doing in the barnyard, and what food we might have on hand! We have several more sows that should be farrowing within the next month or so. We’ll be inundated with cuteness….. I can’t bear it!

I imagine that you are all trying to get your “end of summer” projects done before kids go back to school. This morning felt like Fall was creeping in – but by the afternoon we were all hot and sticky after a day at the Squirrel Hill Market. Classic late-August scene….

We had a nice turn out during our harvest day last week, and it feels like we moved forward on the ever-expanding to do list! Lettuce, bok choy, scallions, cabbage and kale were all planted in one day! We’re in full swing for Fall mode – and will plant radishes, turnips, carrots, spinach, and leeks this week. My calendar says that we’re 8 weeks away from the first average Fall frost. There’s lots of crops that can withstand, and even prefer, cold weather (kind of like me!), making the tail end of the season a very enjoyable harvest for us. The weed and insect pressure slows down, which is much appreciated around here!

We’re pulling out the onions from the field – the short squat ones are an Italian variety – Chipolini – which is a sweet and tasty onion. Try glazing them in maple syrup and serving with our tender boneless pork chops! Here’s a recipe for Maple Glazed Chipolini Onions.

Fresh Milk

We had 8 gallons of milk left over on Wednesday evening, which is way more than our family can drink! We’re creating a milk purchasing policy to pre-order only. Have your order in by Monday night for pick up on Wednesday (or Friday Northside).

Some dates to put on your calendar:

Wednesday Aug 30th is the last Wednesday of the month – and that means Pizza Day (starting around 12 pm)

Saturday, September 16th, we’re hosting Spretzzatura (from Millvale) for an Autumn Harvest Feast. Click here to purchase tickets.

Farm Club

Did you catch last week’s newsletter? If you missed it – Click here to read about our thoughts and ideas of what and where we should go with the farm. How can we help our region be more food secure, tighten up community relationships, and foster the resiliance we all need. When we all do better….. we all do better!

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