Farm Journal 8/16/21

Click here to place your order for this week (please give us 24 hours lead time before your desired pick up date/time).

** There’s no longer a limit on the number of eggs you can buy!

You can now find us at: (we will deliver to all the market locations that we attend)

Sundays – Squirrel Hill Farmers Market – 9am – 1 pm

Mondays – East Liberty 3 – 7 pm

Wednesdays – Here at The Farm 11 – 7

Fridays – Northside Farmers Market 3 – 7 pm

Saturdays – Mt. Lebanon, Uptown 9 – 12

The Menu – a rough estimate of what you’re getting this week (and what may be available on the webstore front)

Tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, tomatillos, husk cherries, scallions, squash, cucumbers, beans, herbs, garlic, peppers, hot peppers.

Field Notes

The zucchini and cucumbers are waning and the tomatillos and cherry tomatoes are going gang busters. We have another round of lettuce, beans and beets seeded and are starting on the greenhouse fall crops. It’s still busy and overwhelming and exhausting, but each day, I can see the evening light change and feel that our cruise into the fall veggie season is on it’s way.

Pig Wifery –

We have two sows that are slated to have piglets soon. We’re keeping them cool in the barn (and outdoor areas), with access to their wallows, fresh water and new straw. You know it’s imminent when the sow carries around mouthfuls of straw to make up her nest.

We have a sow (yet to be named) that came in with The Wattles. She’s also apparently pregnant, but being new to the farm, we have yet to know her temperament and nesting behaviors. We’re keeping a close eye on her!

Garden Share –

This is the third week of the month (Wednesday and Friday) – so our garden share distribution is going out this week. I’ll send out a personal email letting you know what seedlings to expect.

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