Farm Journal 7/24/23

This Wednesday is the eighth week of our CSA (an even week).

Farm pick up on Wednesday 11 – 7, Northside on Friday 3 – 7, and Squirrel Hill on Sunday 9 – 1.

Don’t forget that you can place and order and we’ll bring it to the markets for you!

Well…. here comes summer. This week is going to get warm – up into the 90s! We’ll do our best to keep the field work to the early morning and late evenings, and maybe focus on paperwork and laundry doing the heat of the day. August is the hottest month, so this may just be the beginning of what we’ve got to get used to for the rest of the summer.

We’ll run sprinklers for the pigs regularly too. Pigs can’t sweat to cool down – so we need to make sure they stay cool by keeping their wallows full and muddy!

We have been tackling the weeds that are taking over the high tunnel, one row at a time. Our feed dealer (Starks in Millerstown) gave us a bunch of corrugated cardboard rolls that come wrapped around pallets of feed. We’ve laid them out as mulch, dug holes, and planted a late crop of husk cherries. We’re also going to plant a batch of hot peppers – which were excessively prolific last year. It’s a little late getting them in the ground, but I’m thinking that keeping them in the high tunnel, where they get regular watering, extra heat, and an extended season, should have many benefits.

The garlic has all been harvested and we’ve sorted the “keepers” into their own trays. These big beautiful garlic will be our seed garlic for planting in September and October. We’ve been growing this variety of garlic since we bought the farm in 2007, and who knows how old it was before that!

This Wednesday is Pizza day. Along with hot weather, we’ll be standing in front of the pizza oven cranking out pies!

We’ve got a sale on Riblets this week – a 3 lbs pack for only $12! They go great with Grandma Kathy’s famous Maple BBQ sauce! Here’s a riblet recipe too!

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