Farm Journal 7/16/23

This Wednesday is the seventh week of our CSA (an odd week).

Farm pick up on Wednesday 11 – 7, Northside on Friday 3 – 7, and Squirrel Hill on Sunday 9 – 1.

Don’t forget that you can place and order and we’ll bring it to the markets for you!

Can you see it? This might look like some trampled down grass – but actually, it’s an ecosystem teeming with life! Look hard and you’ll find a small brown Praying Mantis clambering to get out of the way of our garlic harvesting machines (me, Dimitrius and Mary)!

The gardens are a weedy mess this year and it’s feeling a little insurmountable lately. Mary has been double timing it with weeding – trying to save the crops, and the deer seem to come right along behind her and chow down on the recently freed feast of lettuce, beans, and tomato tops. They. Are.Driving.Me.Crazy!

We’ve done what we can to shore up the deer fence, but they are finding holes or creating new ones, or simply jumping the fence in the low spots.

On a more positive note – look what’s just starting to ripen! Mark your calendars! This is the first Sungold cherry tomato of the season!

We’re Hiring!

We’re looking to hire someone for the “Front End” of the Farmer’s Grill for the Sunday Farmers Market in Squirrel Hill (8 am-2pm). We need someone who is out-going, likes to talk to people, and sell stuff, loves our products, and can move some sammies! There’s some heavy lifting with setting up the grill and tents too. We pay $15/hour and plenty to eat! email if you’re interested in the job.

Don’t forget to join our Sausage Stuffer Share – You have until July 27th to join!

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