Farm Journal 6/25/23

Don’t forget that we’re having a sausage sale this month – buy 5 packages of sausage for $45! Enter  5for45 to get $10 off of any bundle of 5 (mix ‘n match) sausages! This sale lasts until the end of June! Then we’ll kick off the Sausage Stuffer Share program in July.

This Wednesday is the fourth week of our CSA (an even week)

Farm pick up on Wednesday 11 – 7, Northside on Friday 3 – 7, and Squirrel Hill on Sunday 9 – 1.

Art on The Farm

Join local artist and long time Blackberry Meadows CSA member Maritza Mosquera this coming Wednesday from 4-6 pm when she will offer space and time to sketch, draw and paint during our CSA pick up at the farm.

Maritza has been an artist and teacher all her life. She will be sharing her love for food, nature, animals, people and art making practice as a gift to us this coming Wednesday June 28 from 4 – 6 pm. 

This time we will be focusing on drawing and printmaking veggies and fruit. All materials included. Come and Enjoy! 

Donations welcomed, good energy accepted.

We’re stocking raw milk from Le-Ara Farm in Slate Lick. We pick it up fresh on Wednesday morning. Be sure to grab a gallon while picking up your CSA share on Wednesdays. Order ahead and we’ll bring it down to market as well. 

Lara tests each batch of milk, if it’s not up to snuff, she dumps the milk. Last week, she called and said that the milk didn’t pass – so she didn’t have milk for our CSA.

It’s unfortunate, as we don’t get milk…. but more so for Lara and her fine Holsteins. This means she’s got a sick cow that she needs to pull from the milking her and nurse back to health. It also means that Lara lost any potential income from the tank of milk that she had to dump.

I respect that she’s got high standards of milk quality, high cleanliness standards, and a real love for her cows and her job. Dairy farmers work so hard!

We should be back on track this week – so expect to get milk again on Wednesday (or order ahead for a market delivery).

Pizza –

In case you missed the news….we had pizza last week. Plan for your next pizza on July 26!

Ode to Stupice (Stoo-pee-chay)

We have lucked out with having mostly nice roosters. They do their job, courting the ladies, keeping an eye on the skies for predators, showing the hens where the best dining spots are…. and chasing away threats. Now, in my opinion, a good rooster does all those things, and ignores us humans. Stupice, was one of those guys. He did his job, minded his own business, and got out of our way when we were busy with barnyard chores. And… he was handsome. I can’t remember when our neighbor dropped him off here – but he was a looker the moment he arrived.

Well – the other day, Evs found him stiff as a board on the floor in the barn. No real indication of trauma or fight. Just done for. He’d been around the barnyard for a long time and never attacked any of us. What a rooster!

Enter Stupice’s spawn….. FancyHandsome. Just as stunning of a feather display, he keeps to himself, doesn’t pick fights, and entertains the ladies. We’ll see, as he matures, if he can keep his spurs to himself.

Field Notes:

No longer can I whine about lack of rain. It’s been great and the plants are really taking off! So are the weeds! If you’d like to come out and help reclaim some crops – Tuesdays 9-1 are the best for us. Bring a pair of gloves, hat, and water bottle. We’ll plop you down in the second planting of beets and see what beets are salvageable! If you’re into more of a physical job – we could use help pounding in tomato stakes. This is a good workout for the upper body! Just email if you’d like to schedule a time!

Last Call on Little Homesteaders! We have room for a few more kids. This is a great opportunity for the kids to get some real-farm activities under their belt. By the end of the week, they’ll be like Olivia – lil’ farmers running about with the seeds of the farmer know-how and can-do planted and ready to grow!

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