Farm Journal 6/11/23

This Wednesday is the second week of our CSA! If you are a half share – and didn’t pick up this past week – that must mean that you’re an “even” share and you’d better make your way out to the farm or to one of our farm markets this week!

Farm pick up on Wednesday 11 – 7, Northside on Friday 3 – 7 (consider the Taylor Swift concert re parking/traffic, and Squirrel Hill on Sunday 9 – 1.

If you pick your share up a the Markets and haven’t been to our stand yet – Look for the Farmers Grill. We’ve set up a second booth as our seating area. Pick up your share (tell us your name and we’ll give you a tray of veggies to pack up and take home. Don’t forget to bring a bag!), grab a bite and hang out awhile!

We’re on TV!

Some of you have excitedly mentioned that you’ve seen our commercial during the Pirate’s game! Next week, we will start a new column about what to do with all the different cuts of pork – We’re gearing up for a summer full of grilling! So – enter 5for45 to get $10 off of any bundle of 5 (mix ‘n match) sausages! This sale lasts until the end of June!

Did you say “farm pizza”?

Why yes! June 21 from 12 – 7, we’ll have the pizza oven fired up and cranking out those yummy pizzas – topped with fresh farm ingredients! Come on out, make a day of it, and graze away! Now, normally we have pizza on the last Wednesday of the month – but this month is an exception. Then we should get back to our regularly scheduled programing!

Notes from the field – by Jen

Ahh- the rain! I was out in the fields today, after market, vacillating between running the irrigation (despite the dark clouds to the west) or planting more beets and beans….. I have few superstitions in my life – except for several that revolve around rain: 1) hook up and run the irrigation… it’ll rain. 2) leave your car windows down… it’ll rain, and 3) hang your laundry out to dry… it’ll rain.

I was watching the radar, looking at the tree’s leaves, smelling the wind…. would it rain or was the storm going to split above Fawn Township and pass us by? I hedged my bets and decided to plant, rather than irrigate – and that was the right choice! We’ve had the most blissful slow drizzle all afternoon. The air is fresh, the robins are busy looking for worms, and the dusty coating is rinsed off all the leaves; ready to absorb more sun!

I’ll take a few more days of rain – the fields need it! Our crops have been slow to grow – as our irrigation just isn’t a great substitute for what Mother Nature can achieve. I’m excited to watch the crops shoot up (but not the weeds!).

On another note – we have a resident ground hog in our High Tunnel! Living the good life right under a beautiful lettuce plant! This is not acceptable!

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