Farm Journal 5/23/21

CSA will start the second week in June. More details to come!

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We are adding pick up locations as farmers markets are opening up. You can now find us at

Sundays – Squirrel Hill Farmers Market – 9am – 1 pm

Mondays – East Liberty Farmers Market – 3 – 7 pm

Wednesdays – Here at The Farm – 11 – 7

Fridays – Northside Farmers Market – 3 – 7 pm


Our friends brought their pet ducks here last year when their kids aged out of backyard husbandry. They are sweethearts, super friendly and will even eat out of your hand!

This year, Willow has been nesting hard! We catch her regularly making and sitting on nests. Recently, another duck hatched a couple ducklings and I think Willow is more determined than ever to hatch out a clutch.

Willow’s Eye of the Tiger.
Where’s willow??

Exploring a soaper’s blog, I learned that milk soap will turn ‘yellow’, sadly not lemonade shade. This is because the heat from the lye/soap reactions caramelizes the sugars in the milk. To get a white milk soap requires a more controlled environment. We will see how yellow the the final soap turns out.

Evelyn’s been busy with her new found obsession – succulents! Every farmer’s market we go to, she’s wheeling and dealing with vendors to try and increase her succulent collection. She’s recently heard about a Mermaids Tail and is in hot pursuit. Until then, she’s working on potting up and selling succulent seedlings. We have a cardboard box of lone shoes – with the long lost hope of finding their mate. I suggested that Evelyn get creative and use the shoes. She’s using other found objects on the farm and up-cycling. Very creative! You can buy her creations here!

The Farmer’s Grill

We’ve gotten off to a good start at the Farmer’s Grill. The good folks in the Northside are happy to have us back and are quite loyal and regular about stopping at our stand. We’re so grateful!

Squirrel Hill is showing potential – but it’s clear that we need to get the word out more that we are there. If you’re in the Squirrel Hill and surrounding areas, please know that you can order products online and we’ll bring them down to any market we attend. Just be sure to let us know!

East Liberty is turning out to be a small and quaint market, and again a new location for our Farmer’s Grill. As more and more folks know that we raise the meats, grow the veggies, and source anything we can’t grow from other local farms and producers demand will increase! We’re hyper-local!

Our question for you – what do you call this? To stick with our theme, we’re calling it a “Pig in a Barn”, but it’s also known as a “Hole in the wall”, “Toad in a Hole” and “Bird in a nest”. What’s your favorite name?

A farm-fresh egg fried in the center of a fresh slice of Rye bread from Breadworks.

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