Farm Journal 5/13/24

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Farm News

Let’s work backwards:

We had a great time during our Mother’s Day dinner. Every time that we have an event with Sprezzatura, it gets better and better! I’m so appreciative of Jen Saffron’s (the owner) can-do manner. She and her crew cook amazing Italian cuisine with high quality ingredients; their passion and appreciation for good food shows! Olivia even had the chance to preform with the Jazz band!

Sunday was our first market in Squirrel Hill too. We were so excited to see many familiar faces, and it was great to hear how happy folks were to have us back again! We cranked out a few dozen Rise N’ Swine breakfast sandwiches, kielbasas, and dogs. Many folks were excited that the polenta was back on the menu too.

In fact, on Saturday, we all took a pre-season (before the whirlwind of markets begin) trip to Avella to pick up organic polenta and dried beans from Weatherbury Farm (we use these ingredients in the Farmers Grill). While we were out that way, we made a soggy trip to Meadowcroft. What a treasure we have here in Western Pennsylvania! The archeologist at the rock shelter knew his stuff and was able to convert the science of digging for artifacts in a rock pile into a magic art. The re-enactors in the historic village taught us about building cabins, one room school houses, blacksmithing, and candle making. We had a good time!

To top off a fabulous week – we were able to see the aurora borealis! Talk about magic – how lucky we are to have so many beautiful celestial acts of nature happen in one year! – First the total eclipse and then the northern lights! Whoo-hoo!

Chicks graduated!

The time came for our first round of chicks to move out of the brooder and into the great wide open. Dimitrius made sure the chicken tractors were up to snuff, then he and the crew moved all 75 birds out on to green grass! The birds were terrified and then thrilled! Unfortunately, their first night out on Thursday night was wet and cold. The blustery winds blew in on the sides and the roofline dripped on their heads.

A late night adjustment to the tarp and some gentle nudging out of the drip-line, was about all we could to do make their first night out-doors more tolerable. They made it though without any fatalities and they are happily marching a path out to the fields for the next few weeks.

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Many of you may start asking – “When will CSA start?” We’re aiming for June 5th, (the first Wednesday of June). If you signed up for a half share, I’ll assign you to an even week or an odd week pick up. Keep an eye out around the end of May for your assignment. 

We are still accepting CSA members too – there’s a limited number we can take on for the Northside and Squirrel Hill markets – and a few more that we can have out at the farm. 

Important: Ordering Information

Farm pick up to Wednesdays 3 – 7pm. We’ll have your order packed and set outside on the marble counter. Park across from the house, at the top of the land. Cross the lawn and look for the bag with your name. Frozen items will be in a white cooler. 


IMPORTANT: Please make sure you place a minimum order of $30 for delivery. 

Across from Frick Park Market in Point Breeze, this Sunday at 1:45 – 2:00 pm

Across from the Mayfly Market (Arch St) in Northside, this Sunday – 2:30 – 2:45

Outside of Local Provisions in Fox Chapel – at the Plaza on Freeport Rd, this Sunday 3:00 – 3:15 pm

Ligonier Country Market – at the Farmers Grill stand – Saturdays 8 am – 12 pm

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