Farm Journal 5/16/21

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We are adding pick up locations as farmers markets are opening up. You can now find us at

Sundays – Squirrel Hill Farmers Market – 9am – 1 pm

Mondays – East Liberty Farmers Market – 3 – 7 pm

Wednesdays – Here at The Farm – 11 – 7

Fridays – Northside Farmers Market – 3 – 7 pm

Currently we are only doing CSA deliveries to the Northside Market. Please inquire about the other pick up locations, as we may bring CSA shares down to other locations if there’s a critical mass. Generally, we’re only bringing the Farmer’s Grill, prepared foods, and a few frozen items to these other markets. If you’d like the full panoply of meats, vegetables, seedlings, and value-added items in the city – you must order online no later than the day before delivery/pick up. Online inventory is added and updated every Sunday evening.

Farm News

We eeked by last week’s cold spell, spending time covering seedings that had been set out to harden off. We have an area by the greenhouse, cleverly called the “hardening off hut” and that’s where the young and tender seedlings from the greenhouse spend a few days, before the hard reality of field life sets upon them. Knowing that the temps were to dip into the 30’s we took time to get out the table cloths and sheets and cover the tomatoes and peppers, they just weren’t going to hold their own. Despite our efforts, the tomato leaves were nipped by Jack Frost and a good amount of our peppers look a little worse for wear. I’m confident that the tomatoes will pull through, but we have to wait and see about the peppers. A good fruit-punch of fish emulsion and kelp meal fertilizer may give them the pep they need. I’ll keep you posted.

Farmer’s Markets Update

Here we go! We’ve added a few farmers markets to our lives and it feels like we’re nearing full tilt, although the markets haven’t yet really picked up. Because the majority of the veggie harvest is for CSA, we don’t bring many veggies with us to market. Instead, we’re perfecting The Farmer’s Grill. Street food and value added is really the way to go at market – and then for those of you dedicated and lovely folks who either want custom orders fulfilled and/or CSA delivered, we’re happy to oblige. Otherwise, you can count on finding the staple frozen pork items (ground, bacon, chops, and sausages) and lots of amazing sammies (I recommend the Notorious p.i.g. – a 1/4 lb pork cheeseburger with Clarion River Organic’s sauerkraut and Millers Mustard).

Blackberry Meadows’ “The Farmer’s Grill”

We are back in the saddle (we used to sell at this market back in 2008) at the East Liberty farmers market on Mondays – 3 – 7 pm. On Wednesdays, plan to come to the farm, 11 – 7. The CSA starts up in June (exact day to be determined) – but you can pick up your order and check out the farm anyway). Fridays, you can find us at the Northside Farmers Market 3 – 7 pm. We’ll have the grill fired up and ready to make Friday night dinner for you! Sunday, skip breakfast and come down to the Squirrel Hill Farmers Market 9 -1. Along with our normal sandwich offerings, we’re cranking out, what we call, “Pig in a Poke”… or Hole in the Wall…. or Toad in a Hole…. or Egg in a Basket…. you know – a dippy egg fried in a hole in a piece of toast, along with maple breakfast links or bacon!

We’re working on the vegan and vegetarian dishes, as more veggies start coming in. For now – we’ll have fried polenta (from Weatherbury Farm) as our vegan dish.

We saw so many friendly faces (old and new) and it felt good to get out and reconnect with you all! We’ve been doing farmers markets since we bought this farm in 2007 and there’s quite a few of you that still shop with us and remember us from the good old days of the Farmers at the Firehouse and Phipps Farmers Markets. We’re happy to be back and look forward to helping to keep the local food systems going!

Em and Lou (and Annie, not pictured) helped at markets this week. We’re excited to have a crew! If you know of a local brewery (outside of Allegheny County) that’s looking for food vendors – we’re interested in trying our hand at catering to the nightlife! Send us recommendations and we’ll see where it goes!

Garden Shares go out next week – May 19th. The 3rd week of the month.

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