Farm Journal 4/9/10

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Farm Notes – by Jen

Last week’s foray into summer weather didn’t fool me! Like every other farmer and gardener – I was out there in the sunshine, prepping beds, weeding, mulching, and planting! We got our carrots and beets in the fields, and there’s a couple beds of lettuce and spinach in our high tunnels. This week, I plan to plant a bunch of veggies – as the fields have been prepped and we can just crank out a bunch of direct seeding and transplants.

The greenhouse is filing up with scallions, onions, cabbages, kales, broccoli, chard, beets, and lettuces – all ready to be put in the ground! I’ve got the summer crops started in our basement – tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, tomatillos, etc. As they germinate, we move them to the greenhouse to be potted up into larger cell trays and readied for the great outdoors. The greenhouse in the spring is a fun place to be! So much to do and so much life springing up. We also get to enjoy the cacophony of the pigs, chickens, and ducks in the background – as they continue with their barnyard shenanigans on the other side of the greenhouse walls!

Are you getting spring fever? Maybe you’d like to come out to the farm and be a part of the crew? We’re looking for folks who would like to put in up to 10 hours a week Or – come join our harvest crew on Tuesdays! Reach out to me ( ) for more information.

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Are you ready to fill up your garden? Check out our section of available seedlings each week – the list will grow as more becomes available. These are all varieties of plants that we grow for our CSA. We select them for taste, regional vigor, and productivity.

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