Farm Journal 3/7/23

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We had a whirl-wind time at the Home and Garden Show last weekend, sampling our sausages and bacons. We had a lot of great exposure (we were on TV!) with quite a few folks from the Alle-kiski valley who had never heard from us! It was fun (and hard work!) sharing samples of our products. It was also rewarding to see so many “wowed” faces when people tried the bacon! Commodity bacon isn’t even in the same league as ours. When you taste real food – it brings to light that industrial food is just missing….. something.

When there’s a product that is grown with care – animals on pasture, given quality feed, and treated respectfully…. it shows in the quality of the meats, in the nutrition, and in the flavor.

So. “Welcome” to all those who joined the newsletter while visiting us at Farm to Table. These newsletters go out weekly. They include a little bit about our farm happenings, what’s new and available, and how to find us at the farm or in the city. Feel free to peruse the Journal section of our website, where we archive past newsletters. There’s some good stories in there!

Where to find us:

The Farm: Wednesday 3 – 7 pm. For pre-orders only. Park at the top of the hill, come to the patio at the house and you’ll see your order waiting for you. Check the white cooler for any meat orders.


Northside: Saturday 12 – 12:15 pm – (back on track!) meet up across the street from Mayfly Market(Arch St)

East End – Saturday 4 – 4:30 pm. Fireman Creative Office (the Engine House No 16 on Penn Ave.): pull onto sidewalk along Lang and look for “Police Officer Entrance” door and look in the red cooler.

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We’re hiring!

We’re looking to fill 3 seasonal positions: (click here)

(1) Farm Lead Position:
$1,000/mo stipend for an 8 month opportunity. We’ll provide a private bedroom with a bath ($700/mo value). Meals and snacks are included ($800/mo value). Experienced field/farm worker preferred. This position provides a deeper level of education, including operational, marketing, and admin opportunities.

(2) Farm Laborers:
We can house two laborers per month. $800/month stipend and canvas tent cabin ($400/mo value). Meals and snacks included ($800/mo value). This position provides a rudimentary understanding of farm labor, and the efficiency required to grow food, and will serve as a working education.

A two-week trial period is required for accepted applicants. It’s important to ensure our expectations are equally met. 

We’re excited to re-introduce you to Charissa – a new farmer in Western PA!

Charissa got her farming start at Blackberry Meadows, helping with pig chores and running educational programing. She now has her own farm in Washington County and is currently raising meat rabbits and growing flowers. The farm has plans for expanding but needs help to secure funds. Charissa has been approved for a kiva loan and is currently looking for lenders. She’ll be using the loan to purchase a high tunnel, essential equipment, and build a permanent shelter for the rabbits. You can become a lender for just $25 and since this is a loan, you will be paid back! Follow this link for more info and to become a lender:

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