Farm Journal 3/26/23


DELIVERY! (for the next 6 weeks) – no delivery on

3/27 – see you on 4/3/23

Where to find us:

The Farm: Wednesday 3 – 7 pm. For pre-orders only. Park at the top of the hill, come to the patio at the house and you’ll see your order waiting for you. Check the white cooler for any meat orders.


Northside: Monday 12 – 12:15 pm – meet up across the street from Mayfly Market (Arch St)

East End: Monday 4 – 4:15 pm. Fireman Creative Office (the Engine House No 16 on Penn Ave.): pull onto sidewalk along Lang and look for “Police Officer Entrance” door and look in the red cooler.

Order your Easter Hams now – as there’s only one more city delivery (4/3/23) and two more farm pick ups until Easter Sunday!

We still have plenty of eggs too! In fact, we’ve just posted a recipe for Egg Cheese – which is a friend’s family tradition for the Easter table.

Shop now to order eggs and meats!

Barnyard news: – by Jen

We have two new members of the barnyard – Sandy and Bill. Sandy, a regular layer of eggs, plops her daily egg anywhere she wants throughout the barnyard. Bill, her devout partner, does his part to chase all the chickens and Muskovy ducks off whenever anyone even turns a beady eye towards Sandy. Both of these ducks were “town ducks” who were upgraded to the country life. They are so curious and friendly, as they are always quacking by our side during chores, in the hopes that we’ll make piles of feed for them as we go around. If cornered, they don’t mind being picked up; roaming free in the barnyard, there’s a considerable amount of chasing involved before actually catching them – a task that Olivia excels at (a benefit of being closer to the ground).

We were at Tractor Supply today (Ham, the cat, got his yearly vaccinations, much to his chagrin), and all that was left in the poultry tubs were ducklings. The girls and I were so tempted to buy a few, until the price tag ($6.99 each) hit us. In reality – those darn Muskovy ducks will start multiplying like rabbits in the next couple of weeks, with hidden nests who-knows-where. We turn around and there’s another peep, looking for its lackadaisical mother. Muskovy ducks just don’t have a lot going for them….. even their meat is kinda meh.

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