Farm Journal 2/20/22

$30 order minimum for delivery into Pittsburgh

Place your online order here. Give us a 24 hours heads up please.

Pick Up Locations:

The Farm – WEDNESDAY (11 – 7). We’ll set your order out, you come pick it up. (If our driveway is treacherous, we’ll set up cooler down by the purple garage).

Northside – Wednesday 12:30 – 1:00 at the parking lot on Union Place by Allegheny Commons. Ask about delivery options.

CSA Share Sales are Available!

We’re doing some Spring cleaning in our office area and found a folder of old CSA marketing material and sign up sheets. These were from the days when we used to do the Phipps Farmer’s Market…. Let’s see, that was back in 2015, when Evelyn was this big.

A lot has changed since then; we had another little one, Olivia; lost our first dog, Maggie, to cancer; got two more dogs, started raising mo’Pigs, moved the CSA pick up to the house to foster more community/farm interaction, and now crank out hyper-local hand foods at the Farmers Grill!

What hasn’t changed, is our prices… just barely. In 2015 we charged $350 for a half share, and $550 for a basic share for farm pick up. In 2015, city half share deliveries were $360, and $650 for basic share deliveries. Over the years, we’ve kept our prices competitive with other CSAs, or slightly lower, although, doubtless our cost of production has gone up. If we spent more time in front of the computer running numbers, I’m sure we could figure out that exact percentage…. but… who has time for that when there’s piglets to be born and seeds to plant?! .

By double stacking CSA delivery and Farmers Markets, we’re able to keep the expense of schlepping produce to a minimum, and you help to guarantee sales at every market, by essentially pre-ordering your summer’s worth of veggies in the Spring! It’s exciting to know we’ve got regular and loyal customers that are with us through the thick and thin! Even better when you take time to chat and visit with us at the markets! It’s our chance to get off the farm and see people!

For those of you coming out to the farm – you save us time and give us a highly valuable return – you help grow the farm community! It’s this connection that really drives us to keep going.

It’s not too late (and in fact, maybe still early!) You can buy basic weekly pickup and half shares at the Farm (Wednesdays), Northside Market (Fridays), East Liberty Market (Mondays), Squirrel Hill Market (Sundays), and Mt Lebanon Uptown Market (Saturdays). Limited amounts of shares are available at the markets, as we only have so much room for hauling!

Market/Gift Cards are Available

If you think that a CSA share might be too much of a commitment, but you’d still like to be tied to the farm; maybe you should consider a Gift Card! If you purchase a gift card (what used to be called a Market Card), we’ll add on another 10% to your purchase amount! This offer will last until June 1st, so stock up now! Once you place an order for the Gift Card, I’ll load up your balance, plus 10% and put it in the mail for you. We have cards for sale online in $25, $50 and $100 – but you can buy as many as you need.

Back by popular demand:

A Day on the Farm – by Evelyn

SPRING IS COMING!!!!!. Today, I had a friend over for a play date. We took a few of these pictures. We also played hide-and-seek, spies and other fun stuff. The snow is melting and I can’t wait for June. I am doing lots of art and crafts. I am going to try to paint more watercolor flowers and small plants once it thaws.

This is garlic that has just sprouted and I helped plant it last year.
This is Blaze and he is one of the bunnies that some of you like to look at during CSA pick ups!
This is the sunset at the back of our house. Isn’t it pretty?
The snow is melting on the logs in front of the house. I hope when you pick up in the spring, you get to play on them!

Farm to Table at the Home and Garden Expo

We’re coming out of hibernation and making our debut at the Home and Garden Show on March 4th. We’ll be there for the first weekend only! We’re promoting our CSA and organic veggies, selling samplers of our frozen pastured, Non-GMO pork, selling our handmade Everyday Soaps, and spreading the news about The Farmers Grill! Come down and see us, party with Blackberry Meadows and revel in the amazing variety of local foods that Western PA has to offer!

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