Farm Journal 2/13/22

$30 order minimum for delivery into Pittsburgh

Place your online order here. Give us a 24 hours heads up please.

The Farm – WEDNESDAY (11 – 7). We’ll set your order out, you come pick it up. (If our driveway is treacherous, we’ll set up a table down by the purple garage).

Northside – Wednesday 12:30 – 1:00 at the parking lot on Union Place by Allegheny Commons. Ask about delivery options.

CSA Share Sales are Available!

You can buy basic weekly pickup and half shares at the farm, Northside Market, East Liberty Market, Squirrel Hill Market, and Mt Lebanon Uptown Market. Limited amounts of shares are available at the markets, as we only have so much room for hauling!

Market/Gift Cards Available

If you think that a CSA share might be too much of a commitment, but you’d still like to be tied to the farm; maybe you should consider a Gift Card! If you purchase a gift card (what used to be called a Market Card), we’ll add on another 10% to your purchase amount! This offer will last until June 1st, so stock up now! Once you place an order for the Gift Card, I’ll load up your balance, plus 10% and put it in the mail for you. We have cards for sale online in $25, $50 and $100 – but you can buy as many as you need.

Weekend Update – Greg

Jen and I returned to the PASA Sustainable Agriculture Conference this past weekend, taking a bit of a break from the farm and also reconnecting with our people.  That is to say, the folks we learned to farm from; our inspiration for moving beyond organic and for embracing the Community part of this community supported farm. 

I was honored that they asked me to give a talk at the conference about Pigwifery.  Although, we called it Managing Piglet Production we had some rich discussions about the joys and sorrows of raising those cute (yet tasty) beasts.

I was glad to learn that our failures aren’t the worst failures. While our successes aren’t the greatest either…. Which gives us  a goal to improve, which is probably the single biggest reason that Jen and I are surviving as a farm. We are constantly striving to improve our systems to bring better quality and nutrition to the community. 

A notable PASA talk we heard was delivered by Steve Moore.  He’s an innovator in free/cheap hoop house heating systems and implements Regenerative/Biointensive projects on city/regional scale.  His core message was that it’s possible to grow 100% of your diet (including aminos, fats, proteins, carbs, vitamins etc) on about 1/4 acre (10,890 sq ft) per person. 

Since we already produce the Garden Share, we could very quickly begin to work with our Community to co-produce 100% of everybody’s dietary needs.  We often think back to the village system of agriculture: in town, folks grow the vitamin rich and perishable crops in their own back yards and community gardens, while the folks on the outskirts of town (with more land) grow the calorie dense crops (grains/pulses, proteins and fats). We like to think of our place as the “Mother Farm” as we’re peppering the community with seedlings for back yard gardens. They are planted with crops selected and honed for our climate and growing environment. Imagine when our community has gone beyond the current popular definition of Community Supported Agriculture, and moves to establish a truly sustainable food supply for everyone. Community Food Security is a realistic goal!

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