Farm Journal 2/11/24

Notes from the Farm

Today – with the sun shining down – Greg and the kids took a trip on the pond. At the end of 2023, we had the spring, down behind the barn, “developed” and redirected over towards the pond again. The flow has been continuous and has dramatically brought up the level of the pond. So much so, that I wondered if the pond was even draining…. To find out, Greg and the girls got out the HMS Pea Pod and Mary’s old fishing boat to investigate. No clogs in the overflow pipe. All’s well! We’ll be ready to irrigate in the summer’s heat, before you know it!

We took a family vacation this past week – with a lot of help from good friends (who are also the farm crew) – we were able to leave with only minor (and completely normal) hesitations.

Now, not your typical family vacay – we actually took off for Lancaster, PA to the PASA Sustainable Farming Conference. Greg and I have been attending this conference together since 2004! It’s a great way to kick off the new growing season; well armed with new ideas, plans, and techniques to improve the farm and our farm systems.

I focused a lot of my attention on workshops about employee management and improving communication systems on the farm. Greg attended a few of those with me, and then delved into livestock nutrition and the future of livestock policy. The kids attended workshops and looted the Trade Show tables’ the freebie pens and candy. They are already talking about going back to next year’s conference.

Now that we’re back home – the starting gun has gone off and we’re ready to roll! Our farm had a surprise make-over while we were gone – and the greenhouse and high tunnel were spruced up by our old friend (and boss/mentor from Slippery Rock University’s MS3 Program), Thomas and his crew. This face lift to the greenhouse (along with the new gravel access road) was just what we needed to put the spring in our step to get the season going. “Thanks guys!!”

CSA sign up has started!

It’s time to start signing up for the 2024 CSA. I’ve opened up the Shares for FARM PICK UP (half and whole), SQUIRREL HILL (half and whole), and NORTHSIDE (half and whole).

Get fresh organic produce right off our farm. We harvest fresh for Wednesday, Friday and Sunday distributions.

Time to sign up for the Spring Sausage Stuffer Share

Have you gone though your stock of sausages and bacon? We’re opening up The Spring Sausage Stuffer Pork Share, which has monthly distributions through March, April, and May. It’s only available for purchase through Feb 28th. 

Get the best deal on a 3 month pork subscription with a single payment of $249.

Each month, you will pick up: (at the farm or at our drop locations)

  • 4 lbs of Sausage
  • 4 lbs of Bacon

Sign up for the Spring Sausage Stuffer Share here.

Important: Ordering Information

Farm pick
 up to Wednesdays 3 – 7pm. We’ll have your order packed and set outside on the marble counter. Park across from the house, at the top of the land. Cross the lawn and look for the bag with your name. Frozen items will be in a white cooler. 

IMPORTANT: Please make sure you place a minimum order of $30 for delivery. 

Across from Frick Park Market in Point Breeze, this Saturday at 12:00 – 12:15 pm

Across from the Mayfly Market (Arch St) in Northside, this Saturday at 4:00 – 4:15 pm

Outside of Local Provisions in Fox Chapel – at the Plaza on Freeport Rd, this Saturday at 4:45 – 5:00 pm

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