Farm Journal 12/3/23

Farm pick up to Wednesdays 3 – 7pm. We’ll have your order packed and set outside on the marble counter. Look for the bag with your name. Frozen items will be in a cooler. 

IMPORTANT: $30 minimum order for city delivery please.

ALSO IMPORTANT: No deliveries on DEC 16.

Across from Frick Park Market in Point Breeze, Saturdays at 12:00 – 12:15 pm

Across from the Mayfly Market (Arch St) in Northside, Saturdays at 4:00 – 4:15 pm

Outside of Local Provisions in Fox Chapel – at the Plaza on Freeport Rd, Saturdays at 4:45 – 5:00 pm

If you can’t make it in time for the drop off, please text 724-226-3939 and I’ll leave your order at the associated stores, with a name on your bag. Keep in mind, if you order frozen items – they won’t be stored in a cooler or refrigerator until you pick up.

Room for reviews:

You might notice, in our web-store, that you now have a chance to write up a review on the products that we provide. Please take a moment, while pursuing our site, to stop and let us know what you think. It’ll help us with future marketing and also help us to improve our products and services for you!

Try the Pork Cutlets!

Looking for something a little different? We’ve sold lots of bacon and sausages recently, and see that the pork cutlets need some more respect – so I posted our recipe here for breaded and lightly fried cutlets. Our cutlets are from the ham (back legs) of the pig and are less marbled than the shoulder steaks, and have less of a fat cap than the chops. All in all, they are a leaner cut, and benefit from a good whack or two with a rolling pin. This loosens them up a bit – but also thins them out… making for a quick jaunt in frying pan and into your mouth!

Farm News

Our chickens are still woefully lacking in production. There’s a few hens that look like they are getting new feathers in – so clearly a few went through a molt. But not all are looking so scraggly – so there’s just no good explanation…. other than… old age.

We’ve gotten our gravel road project to “almost complete”. In the Spring we’ll add one more layer of small gravel to fill in the gaps, after the winter weather has settled everything out. The rest of this month will be spent working with contractors that are installing a spring system for water containment and re-direction. By doing this, we’re meeting the Allegheny County Conservation Districts (ACCD) conservation goals and achieving their BMPs (Best Management Practices) which strive to help control soil erosion and nutrient run off (to name just a couple).

When we bought the farm, there was a 55 gallon drum sunk into the ground…. (an artesian well) with a 1″ pipe that carried the spring water about 200-300 feet from the spring head to the pond. Over the years, the barrel filled with silt, the 1″ pipe clogged up, and our pond level continued to go down. Back in April 2021, Greg excavated the barrel:

With the help of the ACCD, we’re now going to have a legit spring head and will start collecting water that we can use to water the livestock and seedlings. We’ll take pictures and let you know how this project progresses – there’s already two pieces of heavy equipment off loaded and ready to be deployed on Dec 4th! Let the Mud Mess begin!

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