Farm Journal 12/26/23

Farm pick up to Wednesdays 3 – 7pm. We’ll have your order packed and set outside on the marble counter. Look for the bag with your name. Frozen items will be in a cooler. 

IMPORTANT: Please make sure you place a minimum order of $30 for delivery. 

Across from Frick Park Market in Point Breeze, this Saturday at 12:00 – 12:15 pm

Across from the Mayfly Market (Arch St) in Northside, this Saturday at 4:00 – 4:15 pm

Outside of Local Provisions in Fox Chapel – at the Plaza on Freeport Rd, this Saturday at 4:45 – 5:00 pm

Ring in the New Year with our Pork and Sauerkraut SALE! There’s been years of a Pennsylvania Dutch tradition of eating Pork (good luck) and sauerkraut (prosperity). We have some beautiful Boneless Loin Roast and jars of Clarion River Sauerkraut. Get $2 off your order when you buy both of these items! Type in coupon code: NEWYEAR24

Click here to read our Garlicky Loin Roast Recipe.

We hope you all had a nice holiday. About a month ago, I bought two really nice sleds for the kids – hoping we’d get lucky and have a white Christmas. That didn’t work out – but that’s OK. It was mostly a sunny beautiful day, and we spent it lounging around, picking up piles of wrapping paper, and generally relaxing.

Greg got me a 1980’s knitting machine, which is way more complicated (and supposedly efficient) than two hands a a pair of needles…. so we spent the last day and a half watching YouTube videos on how to use this thing. Once we get this figured out (know anyone who’s good with knitting machines?!) we’ll start cranking out Blackberry Meadows’ Ugly Sweaters with Barn Swallow images and all!

As my Dad always says “Like bringing coal to New Castle”, I got Greg a prosciutto from Spain. His big dream is to cure and save prosciutto from our own hogs…. so this counts as R&D for our pig business! One day we’ll have our own “Ham Cave”. Until then, we’ve been chipping away at this leg on our counter – everyone elbowing their way to get to the Jamón ibérico.

As the days slowly lengthen, the light changes perceptibly, the birds sing a little earlier each morning, and the chickens start laying more eggs (yes! there’s a few eggs up on the store site!), we’ll crawl out of hibernation and start our crop planning, and seed and supply ordering for 2024. Spring will be here before you know it!

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