Farm Journal 12/26/21

NOTICE THAT DATES AND TIMES OF PICK UP HAVE CHANGED. (hopefully they coincide with the website.)

$30 order minimum for delivery into the city

Where to find our stuff! (There’s still fresh veggies!!) Place your online order here. Give us a 24 hours heads up please!

Check out our new mugs!

The Farm – WEDNESDAY (11 – 7). We’ll set your order out, you come pick it up.

Northside – Wednesday 12:30 – 1:00 at the parking lot on Union Place by Allegheny Commons. Ask about delivery options.

Squirrel Hill – We’re currently dropping this location. There’s not enough consistent orders to schedule a delivery there – BUT! Do reach out about home delivery (with a minimum order of $50 for home delivery) or meeting up. We’re flexible.

We had a relaxing holiday! Although daily barn chores are a constant, things are definitely quieter on the farm…. until Olivia got her Jeep! She now has a Turbo powered “golf cart” to rip around the farm in. Greg’s already looking into 3D printed up-grades to improve the traction to handle “farm life”. Getting her to come out and help with farm chores is now a no-brainer – Of course she’ll go for a drive!

We take daily walks out to the veggie fields to check on deer fencing, field tarp security, deer infringement, and rodent damage. While out and about, we found some prize winning turnips! Unfortunately, I’m the only one around here that appreciates a good turnip (great sauteed with butter and maple syrup…but what isn’t?). While we were foraging the fields, August stirred up a nest of Voles. Olivia rescued one and stashed it under a barrel. She now takes it grains, straw and water every other day, regardless of the fact that it’s left the cozy barrel for life in my root crop fields again….

We will open the CSA sales back up next week for 2022. We’re officially adding Mount Lebanon, East Liberty and Squirrel Hill drop off locations too (we already do a Northside CSA drop)! We did well at those farmer’s markets and will keep going to them in 2022. We don’t really bring many veggies to farmer’s markets, as we prefer the guaranteed sales of pre-order and CSA. So, if you’re interested in getting our CSA shares, but can’t make it out to the farm – this might be just what you need!

Happy Holidays, Thank YOU, and here’s to a fruitful New Year!

We’re so grateful for our farm community; from the folks that help out each week with the harvest and weeding, to the “charter” CSA members, and the new folks just trying us out! We’re thankful for the hard workers, team members, and family that fill this farm out in so many ways. There’s the HomeSchool Co-op and Little Homesteaders, the “old” interns (that are now friends) that drop by and check on us while they lend a hand, the bonfire crew, and the folks that keep an eye out for our wandering dogs. Thanks to the regulars that come to market each week for their farm fresh sammies and sides (and help hold down the tents in the gales!) and wait patiently in line! Our grateful list is endless and that’s truly amazing.

We’ve seen our farm community blossom – and each time we get knocked down (wait til you hear the news about Greg’s red tractor….), we think of how far we’ve come and where this farm is going. We’ve hit our stride, we’re excited to see our vision of the farm become clearer each year. The thing is… we couldn’t do it without you – so Thanks! We look forward to doing it all again and even better in 2022!

Farm newbies of 2007 . . . .
spring 2016 . . . .
to now! (on our first family vacation in November!) What excitement, fun and challenges will 2022 bring to the farm?! We’ll keep you posted!

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