Farm Journal 11/8/21

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Off-Season Market Schedule

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Friday – Northside Market 3 – 6pm (We missed last week. If you didn’t get your order, we’ll bring it down this Friday instead).

Farm News!

We have new Piglets! This came as a partial surprise, as we had Wilbur tucked away in her corner of the barn, her pen full of fluffy straw- cozy, warm and all the food to herself. As it usually goes with us and these pigs….we’ve been prepared for a new litter from Wilbur for a couple of weeks.

Well…. to add a little flare to this typical waiting-on-a-pig story… the stars had finally aligned (after 10 years) for us to go on our first family vacation! After trick or treating and our Halloween bonfire, we loaded the kids into the car and high tailed it down to Myrtle Beach for much needed vay-cay from the farm. The kids had no idea! Thanks to the capable and brave hands of Annie, we were able to take off for a week.

We played in the sun and sand, when the weather was disagreeable, we mini-golfed, and went to water parks and arcades. We slept in, watched TV and ate Mac n’ Cheese every day. It was a blast!

We didn’t hear much from the Annie while we were gone….until… Saturday.

WhiteLeft and her six piglets

One of the herd pigs, we call WhiteLeft, (who has been hanging with the breeder pigs) had piglets!! We knew she was a pregnant first-time-mom, but didn’t quite know how far along…. Annie had to manage the movement of the other breeder pigs out of the barn (where they might crowd out and step on WhiteLeft’s nest), then move mama and piglets to the other side of the barn, fenced away from the 500 lbs bulldozers. This involved ploy-feeding, fence moving, barrier erecting, nest building, teat milking, and mom-coaching. Annie and WhiteLeft did fabulous jobs, both being new to Pig-Wifery!

After a week away from the farm, we’re back and everything’s OK. Annie and the crew (and our supporting cast of farm friends) managed to keep this behemoth of a ecosystem running. Everyone’s still alive, in place, happy, comfortable, healthy and….most importantly, Annie’s still here!

We’re glad to be back, but there’s a bit of a Vacation whip-lash. Back to life…back to reality!

Oh…by the way. Wilbur is still living the good life in the maternity ward, fat and happy, and still no piglets.

I’m also happy to send a great big Congratulations to Lindsay Fraser – the new Mayor of Brackenridge! She’s gonna rock some small town politics!!

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