Farm Journal 11/6/22

As the season comes to an end, our delivery and pick up options will slowly change. Make sure you check the list below, before you place your order. We may have changed the days/times/locations of our deliveries and this is the most up-to-date list!

Click Here To Shop Our Web-Store – Thieves Oil, Woodsy, and Lavender soaps are back! We are back in stock with maple breakfast sausage, (loose) chorizo, and bratwurst. Fresh out of Smoked Kielbasa – with the hopes that we’ll have it back before this upcoming Friday. Scallions, Turnips, and Turnip Greens are up for grabs! We’ve also posted the canned goods on our site… It’s time to start thinking about gifts for the holidays!

Where to find us and pick up your online orders and a sammie.

The Farm – NEW TIMES!! For pre-orders only. Wednesday (3 – 7).

Northside – (Allegheny Commons) Friday 3 – 6 PM (Closing earlier, really!)

Squirrel hill Market (beacon and Bartlet)- Sunday 9-1

We feel like a local politician; collecting names and emails. At market, we have a sign up sheet for you all to leave your contact info for wintertime sales. This email is our main contact with you during the off season. After market, our pick up locations will be on Saturdays in the Northside and Point Breeze. Tentatively we’d like to make it out to Mount Lebanon, Millvale, and possibly Oakland on Saturdays too. Please tell your friends and neighbors to sign up and help keep our products moving all winter long.

Field Notes:

Well, we missed a few folks in our end of year group photo (we aren’t all here on the same days). I got (teasingly) scolded by Tim, who, early in the season, was there to help Greg dig, prep and install our lovely patio (and still comes out to help). We’ve enjoyed 20+ weeks of Wednesday CSA pickup and revelry. Thanks Guys! Also missing, is Olivia, who was ticked at that moment and walked off the scene. There’s a long list of regulars who just didn’t happen to be around at that time. If I were to try to list by name, surely there’d be someone forgotten. Know this…. we can’t do this job without the help and support from our community.

Greg was caught on video, during the WQED Jobs of the Future show – saying something about how this job is soul-fulfulling…. which made me chuckle. Did he say soul-sucking or soul-fulfilling? There’s so many instances on this farm that knock us down – whether it’s dealing with a sick animal, managing various crop failures, witnessing predators eat away at our turkey profits, paying hefty bills for equipment repairs, increasing feed prices, working long (unpaid) hours, or attending rain-drenched, windswept farmers markets and the resulting lack of sales. By the end of the growing season, we’re tapped out. It’s hard to keep seeing the beauty and benefit of what we do.


There’s you all. The ones that come out regularly and buy the eggs, veggies, and a couple pounds of meat. The CSA members that hang around and chat about the farm and get to know what’s really happening with us, our family, and the farm. There’s the folks that are already looking for next year’s CSA sign up. It’s you all that understand the value to shopping locally, looking beyond commodity prices.

You’re the Cream Of The Crop. The ones who value our hard work on the farm; you know that we strive to make our food nutrient dense, fresh, and healthy for you and your family; that investing your dollars in your local economy, rather than with corporate America is significant; that being invested in supporting our farm fosters food security, and more importantly cultivates the community that sprouts and grows around Blackberry Meadows.

This job would be soul-sucking if we were doing this alone…in a vacuum. But we’re not. Thank you for coming back each year; for each time you choose to buy products from us, rather than Walmart; for hanging out and chatting with us at the farm, for buying a burger and shooting the breeze with us at market, for coming out and weeding the carrots, or feeding the pigs. It means a lot to us and we can tell who’s in, whole-hog. That’s what’s soul-fulfilling. So…. Thank you.

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