Farm Journal 11/28/22

Now that markets are over – you can pick up at:

The Farm – NEW TIMES!! For pre-orders only. Wednesday (3 – 7).


Northside – meet up at Mayfly Market – Saturday 12:00 – 12:15, if you’re running late – we can leave it in Mayfly for you to pick up that day. Just be aware that frozen items won’t be stored in a freezer for you.

East End – Fireman Creative Office (the Firehouse): pull onto sidewalk along Lang and look for “Police Officer Entrance” – Saturday 4pm – 4:30 pm. Please leave the coolers/insulated bags.

Have you heard about our Sausage Stuffer CSA share? It’s available for 5 months, running December through April. Get the best deal around on a monthly delivery of 8# of Sausage/Bacon (over 15 flavors and styles provided). So a total of 40 lbs over a 5 month period.

We make regular trips into Pittsburgh on Saturdays and are happy to deliver to the Northside and to East End. (see locations above). Please try to hit a $30/order minimum to make it worth our time. If you only want bacon – why not talk your neighbor into placing an order with you? Share the love!

Our freezers are restocked and we’re excited to say that the message about how the bacon has been packaged has made it through to the cutting floor at the butchers. They now package our bacon neatly – “shingle style” (as opposed to “clumpy style” I guess). So, we’ve plenty of bacon; canadian, cottage, belly and jowl. There’s some beautiful boneless chops – small (.65 oz for two) but oh so delectable. We’re loaded up on shoulder roasts too, which makes for a great crock-pot or smoker meal.

We weighed each cut that’s coming back from the butcher and in some instances, there’s quite a difference in product weights. We’d like to tighten up the ship and make sure that you are getting charged a fair price, and we are getting the correct price per product. So, items like chops, steaks, ribs and roasts will be priced at an average, then we’ll square up at meet up.

We’re going to take rolling orders for Ham Roasts. Get your deposit in by the 15th of the month and the roasts will be ready for the following month. Specify weight and center or end cut.

Farm Update – by Jen

As we wait for real winter to set in, we’re out there slogging through mud. Mud Season. We’re excited to have gotten our Mule back from Gatto’s. It’s been in the shop all summer long. We bought it used back in January 2020. Like most things here…. the Farm Eats Things. And the Mule was no different. Apparently, it had already gone through the ringer with its previous owners and our farm use tipped it over the edge. The 4-wheel drive differential needed to be rebuilt, while we waited on an axle part, and a new winch.

We were without the Mule all summer and used the golf cart hard instead. Just in time to winterize the golf cart batteries, the Mule came home to the farm and now we can use it (with working 4-wheel drive!) to plow through mud and snow!

The dogs are unfazed with all this mud. Alice just trots around the barnyard, keeping pigs in line and scolds them for tempting electric fences and for generally being unruly. August, with his lanky legs steps more gingerly around the mud puddles, but understands the pig herding job during chore time. Charlie, Evelyn’s new dog (a Corgi), doesn’t do so well with mud season, and comes back to the house with a soaking muddy belly…. and he still chases the chickens!

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