Farm Journal 11/22/22

It almost feels like vacation! But – we’re still bundling up for the cold, slugging buckets of water, and checking on the animals every couple hours. We’re also tackling mountains of laundry, purging toys, rearranging furniture, and catching up on paperwork. Although we’re not beholden to the rhythm of CSA, Markets, and employee management, we’re still chipping away at the numerous to-dos that the farm tosses our way.

** You can still order for this week!**

Now that markets are over – you can pick up at:

The Farm – NEW TIMES!! For pre-orders only. Wednesday (3 – 7).

Northside – meet up at Mayfly Market – Saturday 12:00 – 12:15,

East End – Fireman Creative Office (the Firehouse): pull onto sidewalk along Lang and look for “Police Officer Entrance” – Saturday 4pm

The turkeys have all been butchered and found their new homes. By the end of butcher day, we were all worn out! We’ve been raising turkeys off and on since 2012 …..let’s see….. we’d have been in our early 30’s at that time. This year was the hardest, physically. It was super cold out, and the turkeys were heavy! Luckily, we only have a couple dozen to do. I was in bed by 7:30pm with a couple of ibuprofen! Thanks to all of you that got a turkey from us. We know it’s a big investment and appreciate that you prioritize our local farm for your holiday dinner table centerpiece.

We hope you all have restful and fulfilling Thanksgiving – we’ll see you soon!

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