Farm Journal 10/8/23

This Wednesday is the 19th week of our CSA (an odd week). (Our last CSA day will be Wednesday Oct 18, Friday Oct 20th, and Sunday Oct 22, 2023)

Farm pick up on Wednesday 11 – 7, Northside (Allegheny Commons) on Friday 3 – 7, and Squirrel Hill (beacon/bartlette) on Sunday 9 – 1.

Don’t forget that you can place an order and we’ll bring it to the markets for you!

One sale this week:

It’s time to move the ground pork out of our freezers an into yours! Take advantage of this sale for the next two weeks!

Buy 10 pounds (individually packed into one pound chub packs) of ground pork for $60 ($30 off!). Use the coupon code “ground23” when you check out online.

The Big Pour Update

This Guy had a good time at the Big Pour and he won The Big Ham during our raffle!

Greg and I spent Saturday evening at Construction Junction’s last Beerfest – The Big Pour. We’ve attended, either as vendors or guests, for many years – and were honored to be invited back for the grand finale! We met lots of new people, who were super excited to try our pork, and we hung out with lots of old friends too.

We sampled out our latest creation – the Bomba, a Pittsburgh iteration of a Sourthern Italian delicacy – Bombetta. We wrap bite sized pieces of our Cheddarwurst with strips of bacon. (You can get it here as the Bomba Kit.) People flocked to our booth, drawn in by the smell of bacon. Like a magic wand, I waved a toothpicked Bomba, and folks would peel themselves from the masses to scarf down our bacon-y goodness! We had to put up a “No Parking in the Bomba Lane”, to keep folks moving and sampling other food and drink at the rest of the Big Pour. Everyone got “Bomba’d aht”!

Holiday Bundles

Stay tuned for our Holiday Bundles. We’ll have all your majestic dinner needs taken care of through Thanksgiving (think sausage platter), Christmas (breakfast feasts), and New Years (a pork and kraut tradition!).

Art on the Farm

Make some time, slow down a bit, and enjoy making some farm art!

Join local artist and long time Blackberry Meadows CSA member Maritza Mosquera this coming Wednesday, from 4-6 pm, while she offers space and time to sketch, draw and paint during our CSA pick up at the farm.

Maritza has been an artist and teacher all her life. She will be sharing her love for food, nature, animals, people, and art making practice as a gift to us throughout October, during CSA Wednesdays, from 4 – 6 pm. 

This time we will focus on drawing and printmaking veggies and fall leaves. All materials included. Come and Enjoy! 

Donations welcomed, good energy accepted.

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