Farm Journal 10/17/21

Last week of the 2020 CSA

Click here to place your order for this week (please give us 24 hours lead time before your desired pick up date/time).

Eggs are now listed as one dozen-per-order. Shortening days = less eggs

You can now find us at:

Sundays – Squirrel Hill Farmers Market – 9am – 1 pm

Mondays – East Liberty 3 – 7 pm (come earlier than later, as it’s getting dark and we may close up if it’s slow)

Wednesdays – Here at The Farm – 11 – 7

Fridays – Northside Farmers Market – 3 – 7 pm (come earlier than later, as it’s getting dark and we may close up if it’s slow)

Saturdays – Mt. Lebanon, Uptown – 9am – 12pm (Oct 30 will be our last)

Last week I was a little concerned. 80 degrees, sunny…. what happened to gray and cold autumns in Western Pennsylvania? I dared not complain, inevitably, Mud Season is coming. In fact, we’re on the brink of it now.

We feel lucky this year, as it finally seems like we’ve got a good thing going with a tree company or two that are working in our area. Wood chips are invaluable on our farm. Not only do they help with managing the mud, we use it primarily for bedding and mulched areas for the pigs. Wood chips are like a big sponge that soaks up all that water, decomposes, and makes compost for the fields.

Just last week, Greg, Annie, and the kids spread a few rows from the compost/mulch pile (lovingly known as Mount Poo-vious) out into our field where we’re planting garlic this fall. We’ve also run the chickens and rabbits over this area a couple times during the summer. It should be well fertilized for a good crop of garlic next July!

We’re winding down and the feeling of winter break is palpable. We built our first fire in the wood stove tonight, Olivia pulled out a bunch of story books and Evelyn had the impulse to root through my yarn stash to start a knitting project. Greg took the quite opportunity to stretch out on the floor by the fire and almost immediately the kids jumped on him. It’s a sure sign that our pace of life is slowing when we have a chance to knit and wrestle with the kids!

We bid you a temporary farewell! Please remember that you have the opportunity to continue ordering and picking up at the farm or at (a still to be determined) location in the city. Newsletters will still go out weekly (Sunday nights ideally) and pick up days will still be Wednesdays and/or Fridays. Details to follow.

A wholehearted THANK YOU to all of you who have shopped, talked, weeded, worked, washed veggies, partied, played, learned, explored, farmed, camped, gardened, harvested, butchered, cleaned, ate, pressed cider, cooked, and in general, engaged with the farm.

It’s the community around our farm that continually amazes and fulfills us. Please… keep coming. Keep talking. Keep eating. Keep caring. Keep do-ing. Something amazing is happening here and you are all playing a part in helping it grow. Another adventure is just around the bend! But for now… let’s rest a bit!

….. And eat PIZZA! Wednesday is our last pizza day of the year. Even if you don’t have a CSA pick up, you’re welcome to come out. Farm fresh pizza as our Fall Farewell!

The Menu

Kale, cabbage, lots of pac choi, beets, arugula, radishes, green tomatoes, winter squash, mustard greens, tatsoi, carrots, and maybe turnips.

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