Farm Journal 10/10/21

Eggs are now listed as one dozen-per-order. Shortening days = less eggs

You can now find us at:

Sundays – Squirrel Hill Farmers Market – 9am – 1 pm

Mondays – East Liberty 3 – 7 pm

Wednesdays – Here at The Farm – 11 – 7

Fridays – Northside Farmers Market – 3 – 7 pm

Saturdays – Mt. Lebanon, Uptown – 9am – 12pm (Oct 30 will be our last)

Last CSA is the Week of Oct 20th – We won’t accept 2022 CSA share payments until the beginning of January.

Turkey Time

It’s turkey time! We have a limited amount of birds available this year…. we started with 30 and are now down to almost half! We lost quite a few early on, due to our farmer mistake and plain old Turkey Foolishness. Many farm lessons are learned the hard way and we learn from it and do better next time.

Despite their propensity for self-destruction, turkeys really are fun to raise. They have a curious disposition and generally take on the roll of “Jester” on the farm. We have a five gallon bucket of water that pipes into their pen to a “bell waterer”, which they lean on and quickly dump. When we arrive with a fresh bucket of water they do a carousel dance, walking in circles, trying out out maneuver each other to get a drink. Ten minutes will go by and I’ll wonder how I spent that whole time watching the water-cooler-dance. Ahh the meditations of farm life!

Anyhow – Click HERE to put your $40 (non refundable) deposit down on a turkey. You MUST put down a deposit via the website in order to reserve your bird. It’s the only way I can keep things straight and not lose names. I expect they’ll be about 15 – 22 lbs – so quite hefty – at $5/lb. We’ll have them fresh for you around the weekend before Thanksgiving.

If 15+ lbs is too big, maybe you would consider a large chicken. Sometimes they can get near 7 lbs each!!

I’ve only listed 10 turkeys – but we might have a couple extra. I hate to over sell with the chance that we haven’t out smarted the raccoons and coyotes yet. I won’t count my turkeys until they are plucked* (*grim imagery for those of the plant based persuasion, I apologize!). If you miss the ordering window and all the reservations are taken, please reach out to be put on the waiting list. No guarantees.

Zelienople Fall Fest

Greg and I spent the weekend vending at the Zelienople Fall Fest with our Farmer’s Grill. Frankly, it was a reality check for us. I spend a whole lot of time in my bubble here at the farm. It’s good to get out and get a taste of the “world”. You know what? Absence makes the heart grow fonder and boy am I fond of you all! Whether you shop and hang out at the farm, are a loyal farm market visitor, or a follower of the newsletter…. you are the Cream of the Crop. Thank you sooo much for “getting it”.

Greg and I spent two days in the throws of Carni Food, up against cheese steaks and funnel cakes. Cheap dogs and sugary drinks. Folks would come to our stand “relieved” that we were there with our organic, local, pastured, non gmo meats, and vegan/gluten free option of local, organic polenta. By the end of the weekend, we knew which customers were looking for us and those that were bee-lining it for the heart-attack-in-a-boat.

Back at home (and at our farmer’s markets in the city), you’ve made it easy for us. Thank you for seeking out healthy food and appreciating the hard work and love that goes into growing it! Thank you for being a part of our farm community. It’s folks like you who keep us fueled to keep on, keepin’ on!

The Menu

A few tomatoes, a scant amount of husk cherries and tomatillos, lots of bok choy, nappa cabbage, hot peppers, dill and/or parsley, greens (mizuna or turnip greens), tatsoi (think Asian Spinach), kale, more carrots and maybe a few apples!!

My Apologies

Sorry for the late Newsletter. After two full days (10 – 5) of vending at the Fall Fest, then packing up and cleaning up…. I just couldn’t stay awake to write the newsletter. Better late than never!

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