Farm Club & Land Access

We took the kids to the PASA Sustainable Agriculture conference this weekend and got a shot of enthusiasm, a deep draught of knowledge, and a lot of reinforcement to continue with our Farm Club pilot. There are so few paths for folks to follow to become farmers (and to grow food), having land access is critical.

Listening to stories from cooperative farmers and young farmers who have had trouble securing viable, accessible growing spaces made us think we were on the right track, even though we don’t know exactly what the final form will look like…. Or what we should charge per plot.

Farm Club easily solves the land access problem by providing 30’x50′ plots of land. As growers develop their skills, they may want to use more more plots, making the program scalable.

We saw our neighbor Megan Gallager from farm at PASA as well. She’s starting her 8th season leasing land from Blackberry Meadows and we are proud to continue to support her growth as a young farmer. It’s part of the dream to see food production maximized on this farm.

Stay tuned as we continue to flush out the Farm Club details. Shoot us an email if you’re interested in getting on the list!

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