Dog Days of Winter


Place your order now for tomorrow’s pickup – Wednesday at the farm 11- 7 (we’ll put a cooler down by the purple garage – our driveway is too much of an adventure!) – OR Wednesday 3:30 in the Northside (801 Union Pl, Pittsburgh, PA 15212). No veggies at the moment – but there are EGGS! Don’t forget to order your Ham for Easter!

It feels like I haven’t been able to pull myself away from the computer. I’ve been so entrenched in Quickbooks and trying to get numbers to make sense that I haven’t had much of chance to enjoy this “down-time”. Creeping up is the task of field production spreadsheets! What do I do in the winter? Work on the computer and watch the birds. It could be worse!

With this lovely bit of snow, it reminds me of our beginning farmer days. We’d always take off to State College for the annual PASA conference and would inevitably get snowed in. The first couple weeks of February almost always signal the last “hoorah” of Old Man Winter and he goes out with a bang. That’s not to say we aren’t getting more snow, after this though, the days warm up and snow and ice won’t stick around for long. Enter “Mud Season” 2021. I’d take snow and ice over mud any day!

Here’s Greg, cleaning off a high tunnel during Snowmageddon in 2010. Too much weight of snow will collapse our tunnels!

Not only are we straightening out our books, but we’re also making new plans for markets, events, and projects. Our Food Cart has been doing really well, and makes a normally $6 per pound product (pork patties) into a $20 per pound product (The Notorious P.I.G. – all pork hamburger). It just makes sense to sell more patties. Plus – we like the idea of growing, preparing and selling Hyper Local Food. It’s so fun and amazing to see our customers come back, week after week, looking for the Blackberry Meadows Burger (or links). We’re famous in the North Side! Do you have a recommendation for a good market on Friday mornings or Sundays? We’d like to keep Saturdays free so we can attend events with our Food Cart.

We’re clearing out piles and cleaning up the accumulated messes that get pushed back during the busy season. It’s quiet and nice here – covered in snow. We’re getting things done (new website, new book-keeping, and new gift cards!!) and we feel good about this upcoming growing season!

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