Supporting Community Agriculture
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Produce Memberships (CSAs)

Members get exclusive access to Certified Organic fruits, vegetables, herbs, and nonGMO pastured meats from our farm in Allegheny County.  We grow the food with methods which maximize the nutritional density, giving our customers the 'highest octane fuel' for their bodies. 


Members also get exclusive access to the farm: weekly bounty of vegetables that WE GROW, participate in the field crew, invitations to special events, potlucks, regular samples and snacks at the farm, & use of the kitchen facility!  We open our gates to the farm members ... and serve as a unique Community Center for folks who love to eat locally AND organcially. 

Membership is the secret to our success. The members each pay 1/100 of our annual fixed costs - which has ensured that Blackberry Meadows continues to grow healthy, nutritious food for the past 28 years. Membership shares are limited to only 100 full shares, and they fill up fast, as we are the only regional farm who meet our customers face to face, on the farm every week.

Click here to see our weekly comparison chart and here to review the Shareholder Agreement Form.