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1/2 Hog (deposit) at $3.75/lb hanging weight

1/2 Hog (deposit) at $3.75/lb hanging weight

$ 200.00

Love Pork?  Try our pastured, non-GMO, veggie fed hogs!  Our pigs enjoy the great outdoors on untreated pastures, fresh organic veggies, and a pure custom blend of (non GMO Verified) grains for their optimum health.  

Place a deposit now for a 1/2 hog during our next butchering.   Our hogs are kept on organic pasture and fed Non-GMO grains and organic veggies from our farm.  We charge $3.75 per pound HANGING WEIGHT (roughly 150 lbs per 1/2 hog), plus slaughter and custom butchering that you choose. Please note that the hanging weight is not the final weight after cutting.

You will discuss with the butcher how to have your 1/2 hog cut.  A standard side includes:

One ham (about 15-20 lbs but can be cut in half or quartered upon request, cured and smoked),

8-10 lbs of bacon (cured and smoked in 1 lb packages),

Two loin roasts (about 3-4 lbs each) and chops,

One shoulder (split into two roasts and steaks),

Spare ribs (split in half),

5-10 lbs of ground pork (in 1 lb packages), or sausage upon request.

The pork fat is also available upon request, as well as the jowls, tongue, liver, bones and heart. The ham and bacon can be uncured upon request.

All cuts will be vacuum sealed and frozen after butchering.  

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