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June's Garden Share Newsletter

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It's not too late to join the Garden Share program. Send us an email to find out how to join at the pro-rated price. 

June is about here and that means we're gearing up to plant the fall seeds in the greenhouse.  Can you believe it?!  We haven't even tasted a ripe tomato yet and we're thinking about cool weather crops.

Because you planted the bulk of your garden in May, June's share won't come off as very remarkable.  Think of it as more of a maintenance month.  You've done the hard work of planting your summer crops.  Sit back, control the weed pressure and enjoy life before the bounty of your garden hits you like a sack of .... tomatoes.  

This month you'll be planting:

Seedlings (starting at the bottom left corner of the tray and working left to right, bottom to top) -

Onions - 16 plants (4 per sq ft into 4 sq ft)
Scallions - 20 plants (20 per sq ft evenly distributed throughout 1 sq ft)
Winter Squash - 2 plants (2 sq ft per plant x 4 sq ft, trellised)
Lettuce - 4 plants (4 per sq ft into 1 sq ft)

Seeds (you should already have these packets)
Beets - 9 seeds/sq ft into 2 sq ft,
Carrots - 16 seeds/sq ft into 4 sq ft
Cilantro - 5 seeds/ 1/2 sq ft into 1/2 sq ft.
Dill- 5 seeds per 1/2 sq ft into 1/2 a sq ft.  
Green Beans - 9 seeds/sq ft into 4 sq ft (try soaking the seeds for a couple hours first)
Pole Beans - 8 seeds/sq ft into 2 sq ft (same soaking tip, trellised)

Repeat: The Salanova Lettuce is a new variety we are trying that is a cut-and-come-again type - just give the head a hair cut, leaving about 1"-2" above ground and it'll grow back for a second harvest.  

Please let me know if this map doesn't make any sense to you - I'd be happy to walk you through this.  Imagine that your tray of seedlings is like a box of chocolates and you have to use the map to figure out what's what.  

We also received rave reviews from a Garden Share member that we ran into at May Market this Spring.  To paraphrase; Alexander said that his garden is enviable!   It was way ahead of everyone else's, as he had the Garden Share to jump start him off in the spring,  Everyone else wait's until May to start their garden and he's already chomping down on fresh greens and kohlrabi!  

We'd love to hear more feedback from you!  I'll share garden/harvest photos in the next newsletter if you send them in to me.

Good luck and happy gardening!!


Here are some good questions from your fellow Gardeners!

"Some of my arugula is starting to bolt. I have two questions about this: 

1) If I let it go to seed, can I use the seeds next year? And/or will it reseed itself? "

 If you let it bolt, it will reseed and you’ll always have arugula coming up in that spot.

2) "I'm considering just pulling it all out and replanting that area in arugula, but if we're getting a lot of vegetables again next week, I might need that space for something new. I'm also thinking that I might want to wait until the fall to plant any more greens."

You can replant arugula - but if you’re sticking to our 100 sq ft gardening plan - you most likely won't have space.  You'll be planting Arugula again in September, it’s definitely better to plant arugula in the fall.  Less bolting and bug pressure.


The Distribution Details

Here's what you need to know about picking up your Garden Shares for June 7.

For the farm pick up: June's pick up will be at the barn.  Come to the farm on Wednesday from 11-7 (7115 Ridge Rd Natrona Heights, PA 15065).  You'll pick up your share at the wooden barn by the road.

For the City Pick up: We're finally starting the markets! 
Come and pick up your garden shares from Greg at our market stand at Phipps.  We'll be there from 2:30 - 6:30.  If parking is a pain, we've seen folks double park beside the bike lane.  Just pull over, hop out, grab your share and jet!  Or - if you've good parking MoJo, then grab a good spot and linger at the market!  

Your seedlings will come in seedling plug trays and you'll have a packet of seeds too (distributed in March).  We''ll provide a map (kind of like you get in a box of chocolates) telling you what plants are in your trays (see the picture at the top of this email).  We follow the Square Foot Gardening method, and use that recommended spacing (see above).  

We'd be happy to take back the trays that we give you , so long as they are in decent condition (not falling apart).  


We appreciate you joining our Garden Share Program.  We're in our 6th year of this innovative idea.  Any questions, tips, concerns or wishes are appreciated!  We're always looking to improve our program so we can encourage self-sufficiency and healthy eating in our community.  If you know of anyone or organization that would benefit from growing a Garden Share - let us know!  We'll be happy to reach out to more folks!

Your farmers, 
Jen, Greg, Evelyn and Olivia


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